Carl & Sophie Where the Bolle dairy empire once resided


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Monday to Friday: 11.30 am - 12.00 am
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The kitchen closes at 10.30 pm.


Carl & Sophie Spree Restaurant
Alt-Moabit 99
10559 Berlin-Moabit
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+49 (0)30 39 920 798

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The restaurant Carl & Sophie in the West Berlin district of Moabit is not named after the two service staff, as they pretended to be with a wink during our visit, but after the founder of the former dairy empire Bolle and his wife. And that for a good reason, since the restaurant is not only located directly on the banks of the Spree, but also on the former site of the old Bolle dairy factory.

Cheese and dairy products have not been produced here for a long time, but the brick buildings, which are well over 100 years old, have been renovated in recent years and got converted into a charming office and business park. Today, not only the Hotel Abion with its recently opened Carl & Sophie is located here, but also architectural offices, event rooms and other gastronomy.

Since 1879, Carl Bolle had supplied the growing metropolis with milk and dairy products from his own production. His milk trucks, from which fresh milk was sold, were well-known in the city. And not least because of the cheerful, bell-wielding logo, everyone still knows the saying "Ich freu' mich wie Bolle" (I am so happy). It dominated Berlin's cityscape until the end of the 1990s, when the last Bolle supermarkets closed.

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So the area alone, with its exciting history that you should definitely read up on, is worth a visit to the Carl & Sophie restaurant. From our seat behind the floor-to-ceiling windows, we have a wonderful view of the water and the charming old buildings opposite on the other bank of the Spree. Every now and then a ship passes by and we notice that it's not only on the summer terrace of the Carl & Sophie that one sits really wonderful.

Warm tones dominate the interior and it becomes cosy as the sun slowly sets and the panorama sinks into the night. The home-baked sourdough bread and cold, fluffy nut butter are used appreciatively to satisfy our first hunger while we delve into the menu. In addition to hotel classics such as Wiener schnitzel with potato and cucumber salad or Caesar salad with Paderborn free-range chicken, the menu also offers creative dishes with international influences created by chef Maico Orso.

His love belongs to the side dishes and so vegetables always play an equal leading role with meat and fish. In starters like "Label Rouge Salmon" or "Leipziger Allerlei" with lobster as well as in main courses like the steamed cod, where we really like the free interpretation of a kimchi with shitake mushrooms and coriander. The Caesar salad is outstanding, and we are particularly impressed by the unusually light yet classic dressing.

The café is accompanied by delicious homemade caramel sweets, which we receive a little later in a small bag as a snack. - Heavenly! At the neighbouring table, Wiener Schnitzel are served, which also make a very good impression and for which we decide to come back soon after a weekend stroll along the Spree.

Tip. During the week, the Carl & Sophie is also a popular lunch location: the lunch menu, which changes daily, is served in four courses, but always in one go. This way, everyone can decide for themselves how much time they want to spend during their usually tight lunch break.

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