Restaurant Oderberger Culinary Pool in Prenzlauer Berg

Wednesday, April 04 2018

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Tuesday till Saturday 18.00-24.00


Restaurant Oderberger
Oderberger Straße 57
10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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+49 (0) 30 780 089 760

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The restaurant Oderberger can be found in the former boiler room of a swimming pool, opened in 1902 and left in a Sleeping Beauty-like slumber before its refurbishment. Three levels and two galleries make up the enormous height. An urban interior that raises expectations.

Head chef Matthias Schmidt answers these twofold. First there is the young, fine, country-meets-city-cuisine, currently "Oderberger in Spring". Rabbit liver as a praline with elderberry foam and sorrel salad. It’s unusual, but immediately wins over the palate.

Then there’s the "Dit is Berlin" classic, with a contemporary interpretation and, as with the spring cuisine, using primarily regional products. The charr tartar with pumpernickel and horseradish mayonnaise takes you to Spreewald- whose famous vegetable, the cucumber, provides freshness as a salad.

Before that the friendly, savvy waiter already served the aperitif, an Aperol Spicy Ginger and a sparkling Riesling from Reichsrat von Buhl. And came by the table with a well-filled bread basket, walnut oil, delicious black pudding, and vegan garlic dip.

Oderberger Restaurant
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Restaurant Oderberger in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg-2
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Oderberger Restaurant
Hotel Oderberger

There is a lot to see at Oderberger. The gallery view offers a restaurant theatre with guests and servers as performers. A look at the menu shows a knack for good wine as well as selected beers and spirits from Berlin. The lemonades as well!

The plaice rolls with Spreewald creamed sauerkraut, semolina dumplings, and bacon sound Berlin-like, but are actually seasonally-inspired. The veal balls Königsberger-style are typical of Berlin- with potato, apple, and beetroot salad, spring is in the air!

The brings the "Berlin Luft" to the plan. The interpretation of the foamy dessert cream classic is- with mint pesto, flambéed raspberries, and chocolate-multifaceted, just like the Oderberger itself.

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