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Breakfast and Brunch in Berlin

Breakfast in Berlin The Paleo Restaurant Sauvage


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This place has been closed!


Pflügerstrasse 25
12047 Berlin-Neukölln
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This restaurant has been closed!

At Sauvage, breakfast is available on summer weekends only, not least because even though the premises allow for stunning dinner experiences, they remain a little somber in the mornings. Those who don't mind, or the ones lucky enough to get their hands on a seat out on the terrace, will find something exceptionally beautiful here.

And to come straight to the point, Sauvage is at the top of my list of Berlin breakfast spots with regards to the food experience. It's the only place where everything I ordered came the way I imagined it. And all that because at Sauvage, cooking happens according to the principles of Paleo - which happen to coincide with my own breakfast preferences.

The paleolithic cuisine leaves out any food containing corn, starch, dairy, or added sugars, but calls for more fresh produce, meat, fish, eggs, oils, nuts, seeds and herbs.

The owner and head chef at Sauvage is Boris Leite of Belgium, who says he was cured of lifelong physical discomfort himself by switching to the Paleo diet, but was practically barred from eating out from then on. And so it came that the passionate cook and his Spanish husband Rodrigo decided to open up their own restaurant in May 2011. Success proves them right!


We had basted salmon and poached eggs for breakfast, served with asparagus and salad, and a vegetable-stuffed omelette. Along came home baked corn free bread, which, according to my friend, required some getting used to. I, on the contrary, loved it - so much in fact, that I took a loaf to go. The salmon was mouthwatering, and the omelette, finished with some coconut milk and some fresh herbs, was just as tasty.

For dessert we decided to further indulge in some pancakes with maple syrup, almond mousse and raspberry compote. And even the pancakes were not harmed at all by the lack of flour. In fact, their flavor was much more distinct and did not convince solely on the merit of its otherwise usual sweetness.

Sauvage to me is one of the best discoveries of the past weeks and a definitely one of my next dinner destinations. But first I will dive a little deeper into Paleo nutrition. How exciting!

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Breakfast in Berlin – The Paleo Restaurant Sauvage
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