Anna Durkes Italian Ice Cream Made with Love


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Anna Durkes
Graefestraße 80
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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Giorgio and his wife Anna are behind the counter at their small ice cream parlor at Gräfekiez and radiate just as much as their lovely interior by Italian architect Mirko Pancaldi does.

Two years ago they visited Berlin and decided to make their childhood dream of an ice cream parlor come true. They learned German and scouted for the best ice cream makers in Italy, found them and now bring the best ice cream that I have ever had to Berlin.

As always, when people do something with passion they create something great. The biologist and the lawyer from Sardinia developed a recipe for every single flavour and only use the finest ingredients like Valrhona Chocolate, nuts from the Piemont and home roasted pistachios. An effort that is worth it! The pistachio ice cream is not green here and there are four different chocolate ice creams.

Their ice cream is very creamy and a real taste experience. In front of a wallpaper, filled with the faces of friends who helped realize this store, you can find hand selected sweets from Italy and of course one of those beautiful, big espresso machines.


I love it when people do something out of passion! And I fell in love with this small ice cream parlor!

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Anna Durkes – Italian Ice Cream Made with Love
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