4-Hands-Dinner im Heritage When the Hafenküche comes to Prussia

Tuesday, May 02 2023

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Sunday (07.05.): 1:00pm - 5:00pm


Charlottenstraße 52
10117 Berlin-Mitte
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Frederik Grieb and Mathias Brandweiner could almost entirely travel to Heritage by water from their Hafenküche located in Rummelsburg Bay, as the restaurant, situated on Gendarmenmarkt, is only a stone's throw from the Spree.

While this way of getting there may be a rather romantic notion, the facts remain: On 7 May, the two will go ashore to set up a 4-hands dinner at Heritage together with Florian Glauert and Katharina Bambach.

Admittedly: Dinner may not be the correct term in terms of time, as the event takes place from 1 to 5 p.m., but the extensive selection of dishes from the hands of top chefs Frederik and Florian, as well as the accompanying selection of drinks by Mathias and Katharina, promise a fulfilling afternoon that should leave nothing to be desired by the evening.

For a total of 148 euros, you get an afternoon full of delights that offer the best from the kitchens of the Heritage and the Hafenküche, as well as from their wine cellars. As a flying buffet, the gastronomic experience is approachable, and guests can fully enjoy the elegant space of the modern Prussian-inspired restaurant at Hotel Luc.

Florian Glauert and Frederik Grieb complement each other with the thoughtful playfulness of their dishes. Heritage offers, among other things, Heritage Tatar Stüllchen with chives and caviar, Flying Vatar with smoked paprika and fermented mustard seed, Liquid Lobster, crispy aubergine with silken tofu, shiitake and coriander stalk, Heritage Fried Chicken with baconnaise and kim chi sesame, and Frozen Rosé with lemon and strawberry.

The Hafenlüche, on the other hand, presents Fjord Trout with Quinoa and Jalapeño, Wild Rummelsburger, Dim Sum with Pork Belly and Wonder Leek Oil, Cauliflower with Date Cream and Miso Foam, and Almond Milk with Rhubarb and Tonka Bean.

And since such a 4-hands dinner is about the food, drinks, and service, the glasses will certainly not stay empty for long, as Mathias Brandweiner and Katharina Bambach have already been awarded Host of the Year. So it promises to be a culinary stimulating afternoon, for which tickets can be purchased here.

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4-Hands-Dinner im Heritage – When the Hafenküche comes to Prussia
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