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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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It all started with a glass pot that Xavier and her discovered in Paris, explains Emily. "For ten years we'd had the idea of ​​opening a shop with high quality products. When we saw the pot, it was clear what the products would be." Everyday objects. For the bath. The kitchen. The office. The bedroom. The garden.

Seven months later, in August 2014, it was finally time to launch. The two friends quickly found a name for their shop - The Merchant & Co. - the merchant & company. The two French-speaking Swiss had the image of an old English department store in mind. That the business currently only exists as an online shop, doesn't quite fit with this, "…but we are still at the very beginning." Perhaps a real store will come eventually.

Actually, one would prefer to touch the wool of the beautiful plaids, smell the scented wax candles, to listen to the sound of the splendid bicycle bells. But online, the sensory experience of sight will have to suffice for now. Quality. Simplicity. Beauty. This is the essence of The Merchant & Co.'s timelessness. Authenticity. Durability. And one won't find the items on every corner. "We love to discover other countries, procure the most beautiful finds and bring them back to Switzerland", enthuses Emily.

The Merchant and Co Zürich Kerzenständer
The Merchant and Co Zürich Kochutensilien
The Merchant and Co Zürich Schreibwaren
The Merchant and Co Zürich Gesichtspflege
The Merchant and Co Zürich Thermoskanne
The Merchant and Co Zürich Wasserkessel
The Merchant and Co Zürich Tagesbett

Disagreements are rare. She and her partner are entirely different. He is an art lover with a penchant for avant-garde design. She is a mother of two concerned about how practical the articles are. But their self-defined parameters are narrow: the objects of desire must come from a traditional house, from the hand of a young designer, or a socially engaged undertaking. And they must be both beautiful and useful. "There isn’t much room for anything else", laughs Emily. "But even a shoe brush can satisfy our requirements." The big sellers are but the simple white dishes from a traditional Belgian house. And the glass pot, with which it all began.

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The Merchant & Co. – Quality, Simplicity, and Beauty for Everyday Living
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