Street-Files Female Fashion meets Streetwear

Saturday, May 02 2015

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 11.00 am - 7.00 pm
Saturday: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm


Street-Files Female
Badenerstrasse 156
8004 Zurich-District 4
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+41 44 221 99 77

"I am one of 'them", as Alex Braunschmidt calls them. He refers to his customers' girlfriends. "For years, they've been asking, 'When are you finally going to open a store for women?' At the beginning, they pleasantly asked, but over time they became more insistent." He laughs.

I bought three jackets at Street-Files - in size S men's. They are simply perfect: no frills and excellent quality. I hadn't found what I had been looking for in any other store. So I, too, was actually one of "them" – one of those who came to nag a little.

And lo and behold, our prayers have been answered! After nine years the crew have finally done it; in addition to the three men's branches, they have opened a store for women. "At the start we were critical," confesses Alex Braunschmidt. But now is the right time. "The current zeitgeist reflects and befits our style."

The Female Store at Badenerstrasse is bright, friendly and cool, and is the perfect place for the girlfriends of the male Street-Files- customers - sporty, but also chic: here street-wear, fashion and sneakers appear in a whole new context. 

Street Files Fashion Zürich Mode
Street Files Fashion Zürich Fashion
Street Files Fashion Zürich Sonnenbrillen
Street Files Fashion Zürich Accessoires

The "DNA" of Street-Files has not changed with the opening of the new branch. "From the beginning, the idea was to bring the coolest looks from our favorite cities to Zurich," said Alex Braunschmidt. Copenhagen, Stockholm, London. From which most of the labels derive. Until now they only carry one acclaimed Swiss designer, Julian Zigerli, in their range.

Clean, timeless looks with calm, consistent silhouettes - "Sneaker Girl Look" is what the owner calls the style. Although the trend has already been in Zurich for quite some time, women have had to laboriously seek out an shop around for the pieces - sneakers from a sports store, a bag from a boutique, the sunglasses from an optician. Street-Files is a one-stop shop.

Just before closing, a mid-thirties-female bursts in. "Those sneakers are amazing!" she exclaims, excitedly. Seconds later her bubble burst, because there were only size 36 left in the shoes. Alex Braunschmidt makes small talk. Asking from where she comes, what her interests were, etc. Exactly what can also be found in

Street-Files: personal contact with the customer. Here you depart with a smile, despite the rare occasion that you leave empty handed.

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Street-Files Female – Fashion meets Streetwear
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