Myshukha Regarding well-being

Wednesday, September 03 2014


According to Karl Lagerfeld, those who wear sweatpants are defeated - ‘...You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.’ If this were true, then many people have lost it or are set to derail very soon. Comfortable cotton sports pants are currently all the rage. I discovered an ultra chic pair last week by ‘Moshi Moshi Mind’ via the online shop Myshukha and ordered them at once.

The name derives from "Sukha", ancient Indian Sanskrit meaning happiness and joy. This is exactly what Sara Hurler bears in mind with the articles for her web store. Her concept revolves around well-being and relaxation, offering quality items on Myshukha. Her core range is a small but superb selection of yoga and pilates clothing and loungewear from the famous London label ‘Wellicious' and ‘Moshi Moshi Mind' of Copenhagen and the emerging brand, Juvia', which fashionista Judith Berger launched.

In addition, there are the wonderful products from the Susanne Kaufmann skin care range from Austria and selected accessories that inspire gift giving: high quality throws of Cashlama wool, special T’s to relax, detox and revitalize, as well as the elegant ‘Miaki' rings, designed by Zurich Townhouse owner Mia Zeltner. Another of my favorites on Sara's online store!

Mysukha Moshi Moshi Mind Körperöl
Mysukha Wellicious Wohlfühlkleidung Print
Mysukha Susanne Kaufmann Handpflege
Mysukha Wellicious Wohlfühlkleidung aus Baumwolle
Mysukha Wellicious Wohlfühlkleidung Schal Feynest
Mysukha Wellicious Wohlfühlkleidung
Mysukha Wellicious Armbänder

In selecting the products, Sara demands that the product design meets her high standards. Also very important is that the products are produced with the environment in mind and socially sustainable. This combination is not easy to come by. Another special inclusion in her range is the sought-after German label ‘Armedangels', guaranteed to be a success. Simply, cool designs ethically and ecologically produced.

Myshukha – Regarding well-being
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