Pink Inside High quality Ballerinas at Neumarkt

Friday, December 05 2014

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Tuesday till Thursday 10.00-18.30
Friday 10.00-15.00
Saturday upon request


Pink Inside
Neumarkt 24
8001 Zurich-District 1
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For years ballerinas, for us women, have been an integral part of our wardrobe and have become ‘all-time’ favorites. The fashion icon Audrey Hepburn already demonstrated in the 50’s how the flat and comfortable shoes, gracefully staged, could be both sporty and elegantly combined.

Barbara Syz-Kühne and Alexander Kühne, the two founders of Pink Inside adopted the classic a few years ago, with their store at Neumarkt and online: They present the most beautiful and, above all, the highest quality selection of ballet flats in Zurich. Including round, semi-round and pointed styles, with and without bows. In many different colors and materials. Pink Inside shoes are produced from naturally tanned calf leather, velvet, silk, lacquer and now also a model with an innovative dirt and water repellent nano-coating. And all made in Italy!

Twice a year, the creative siblings bring out a new collection, venturing on to new forms, colors and materials. And always with a pink insole, their signature trademark. A highly comfortable wear is guaranteed by first-class workmanship Sacchetto style, where the upper and sole are sewn together. "Just like a professional ballet shoe", Alex tells me. "Furthermore, the stitches in our shoes are not only for looks", adds Barbara. The laces actually fasten the shoes together again and re-form them if they have slightly widened with wear.

Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich schwarze Ballerinas aus LEder
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich schwarze Lederballerinas
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich Ballerinas mit Spitze
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich braune Ballerinas
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich wasserfeste Ballerinas
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich silberne Ballerinas
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich gestreifter Schal
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich Schal
Pink Inside Ballerinas Zürich Handtasche

A visit to Pink Inside is worthwhile not only because of their sophisticated yet comfortable ballet flats. Barbara and Alex also offer new, chic accessories such as handbags, wallets, credit card holders, and currently, a wonderful scarf of 100% fine cashmere, gathered from the fur underside of a Himalayan mountain goat. And yes, there are other kinds of shoes with Pink Inside, such as a lovely classic Chelsea boot made of the finest calf leather. With this ankle boot I was particularly taken!

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Pink Inside – High quality Ballerinas at Neumarkt
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