The "Eisladen" in Winter Hot and Cold Seduction

Wednesday, November 09 2022

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Birmensdorferstrasse 101
8003 Zurich-District 3
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At the moment, the gloomy autumn and winter season with its cold and wet weather is fortunately still a little while away. Still, the popular Eisladen in Wiedikon has been serving warming treats for a little cosy break from the cold since October.

As soon as you enter, the ambience with the comfortable sofa and the many cushions draped on the window sills is pleasing. Immediately, you are surrounded by wintry aromas such as cinnamon, sugar and the smell of coffee and warm chocolate, freshly baked cakes and Belgian waffles.

The homemade glacé now tempts you not only with the usual flavours of stracciatella or strawberry basil but also with seasonal ingredients, for example, a plum sorbet. Best served with vermicelli or with the currently particularly delicious highlight of the ice cream shop: the Baumstriezel - called Chimney Cake - also gladly served in a vegan variant.

Here Rick Griesche, a trained patissier and co-owner of the Eisladen, skilfully wraps the long strands of dough around a stick, lets them bake fresh in a small oven and then carefully turns them in cinnamon and sugar. The aroma is so caressingly seductive that you are happy to wait a few minutes. Then, gently released from the stick and served perfectly formed on a plate, the only thing left to decide is whether to have it with glacé or without.


Admittedly, the hot and cold contrast with a scoop of glacé and the Baumstriezel is simply irresistible. The small display of cakes is just as tempting: the Black Forest Gateau impresses in its perfect form with rich cream and fluffy chocolate sponge cake layers, and the Carrot Cake surprises with its creamy content. Winter with its snow and drizzle, foggy grey and clammy cold may now be quietly approaching, but the Eisladen promises a good mood with sweet delicacies.

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