The Apartment Store Elegant fashion with a contemporary twist

Wednesday, September 27 2023

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm


The Apartment Store
Oetenbachgasse 11
8001 Zurich-District 1
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+41 432 431 551

A timeless shirt made of high-quality fabric, a sleek coat thrown over it and an elegant leather bag - you're already well dressed. In Zurich, you can get these kinds of clothes at The Apartment Store in Kreis 1.

High-quality pieces that always go, that we love for a long time and that make our wardrobe timeless hang in the neatly and discreetly designed shop. Owners Hanspeter Limacher, Marcel Hofmann and Peter Brauneis offer fashion of timeless elegance with a modern twist that can be combined with contemporary outfits.

Among them are jumpers, trousers, shirts and the like in sophisticated cuts or classic designs and colours, as well as one or two strikingly coloured pieces. Fresh design ideas like those from Wiedemann Mettler are also welcome.

The only thing a garment has to be here is high quality, made of first-class fabrics and convincing through consistent quality, so that it remains a favourite piece forever. And so women and men will find an extensive selection of international brands in The Apartment Store to make a statement in everyday life with their own styling.

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Beautiful knitwear from Norlha meets timeless bags from Tsatsas and unisex fashion from Aton. Of course, there is always matching footwear from Common Projects or ASICS SportStyle. And in addition to fabulous pieces of no-frills elegance, the shop in the middle of the city also offers highly competent and friendly advice in a relaxed, private atmosphere.

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The Apartment Store – Elegant fashion with a contemporary twist
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