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Monday, February 22, 2016


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Katja Weiland von Ruville’s North German heritage does not only show in her looks and her accent, it probably plays a great part in her love for Scandinavia and Scandinavian design. The well-travelled fashion journalist has always had a keen interest in interior design. Deep inside she has always known that she wanted to do something of her own, to have her own business. And finally, after the birth of her child, it started to happen.

Her whole life changed, her priories shifted, and suddenly Katja was completely wrapped up in building her nest. She was constantly on the lookout for beautiful things for the nursery and noticed how difficult it was to find something that appealed to her. Whenever she did like something, it was from a Scandinavian supplier. No wonder. Her style is pure, reduced, and minimalist. In May 2015, her second "baby" came into this world: KIND OF MINE* – her webshop for "everything that makes your home more beautiful". She curates it based on her personal taste and hand picks every single item. It had to be a webshop rather than an actual store since it can accommodate all that is important to her.

Kind of Mine Online Shop Bilder
Kind of Mine Online Shop Teppich
Kind of Mine Online Shop Kissen
Kind of Mine Online Shop Geschirr
Kind of Mine Online Shop Garderobe
Kind of Mine Online Shop Lampen
Kind of Mine Online Shop Häschen
Kind of Mine Online Shop Vase
Kind of Mine Online Shop Kinder Deko

Lots of products and accessories she offers on KIND OF MINE* are for children and nurseries, and most of her clients are women. This does not mean, however, that the style-conscious male will leave her site empty-handed. There is a large selection of beautiful accessories for the home that suites the tastes of all genders. With KIND OF MINE*, Katja aims to inspire you to indulge yourself and your loved ones with fine and happy-making things for the home. Her selection comes from well established Scandinavian brands as well as from up and coming, little known labels or illustrators. It can be cute but never kitsch!

The carefully selected and personally curated assortment, the neat look of her website, and the great usability of her webshop are the great USPs of KIND OF MINE*. Katja’s clients can always rely on her unerring sense for aesthetics and beauty. If you want to meet Katja personally, check out the pop-up stores she participates in on a regular basis or, if you are not too far away and want to save on delivery charges, come and pick up your order yourself and bring some time for a chat.

She is relaxed, authentic, and full of energy and I can feel that Katja lives and breathes KIND OF MINE*. She really has found her vocation and a perfect way to unite her family life and the work she loves whilst retaining her independence. She still works as a journalist focusing on home stories and interviews with exceptional designers and arists, I am happy she shares them with Creme Guides.

"It is so fascinating that Scandinavian design has been unfalteringly un-trendy, timeless, and modern ever since the 1950s and 60s. Its aesthetic is so exceptioinal," she says enthusiastically. Quickly, get on her website for your very own dose of Nordic beauty.

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Kind Of Mine – For Lovers of Scandinavian Design
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