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Saturday, December 06 2014

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Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm


Feinedinge - Porzellanmanufaktur
Margaretenstraße 35
1040 Vienna-district 4
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+43 660 578 16 17

When a porcelain manufacturer moves from an unheated attic to a basement studio with a small sales area, on to an actual crafting business with employees, it must mean something.

Even though all she ever wanted was to create something with her own bare hands. Sandra Haischberger never expected her ambition to evolve into this kind of success story. She still seems surprised today, and you can see a sparkle in her eye whenever she talks about it that makes you realize how lucky she feels that her concept resonates with customers.

Today, her porcelain cups, bowls, lamps and above all, her famous Alice series butter dishes are being marketed world wide. You can find them in glossy interior magazines, at selected distributors or in people's homes. Even before I moved to Vienna, friends had entrusted Sandra Haischberger's porcelain workshop to me.

And her lovely new showroom could not be a better location. An airy, open space, it acts as a perfect stage for her delicate plates, cups, bowls and vases as well as a selection of deep dishes and lanterns. Full of creativity and love for detail, each piece is hand-crafted and uniquely beautiful.

Feine Dinge Shop Wien Interior
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Einrichtung
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Dosen
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Regal
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Vasen
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Dekoration
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Becher
Feine Dinge Shop Wien Becker und Vasen

I am a lover of that certain biscuit china surface and went for the Alice series immediately. I went over each piece, appreciative of that beautiful matte finish, and was excited over the vast range of colors that could be combined.

If your kitchen abides by the rule that 'you eat with your eyes first', let me tell you that the Alice china will make up for any possible cooking error. Your guests will be so enamored of your tableware, they'll easily forgive your mishap.

I personally am in awe of Sandra Haischberger's enthusiasm for porcelain as a material per se and her seemingly endless innovation. Taken in by these new impressions, I humbly decided to start out with a few coffee mugs to introduce to my home collection. However, I will return for richer booty no later than Christmas. Lucky for me, it is not much of a long wait until then.

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Feinedinge – For the Love of Craft & Porcelain
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