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Tuesday, July 07 2015

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Schminks Hairstyling & Makeup
Westbahnstraße 26/16 A
1070 Vienna-district 7
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+43 676 450 12 34

Admittedly, it took a while to get an appointment. Planning ahead is mandatory, this lady is in demand. But my instinct told me that Schminks Loft was something I would have to see for myself. And coming to the point right away: it was absolutely worth the wait! I was recommended to visit Sabine Schminks a while ago and photographs I'd seen of this superb loft had caught my attention immediately. On site, it simply takes your breath away! So before I talk to the woman behind all of this, I take some time to check it all out by myself.

Two pastel-coloured, self-supporting wooden towers dominate the room. One contains the pantry and restroom, the other is home for a shower, a desk and a sleeping area. This place is so cool, I'd move in without any second thoughts. A large window, once adorned with plants and flowerpots, now hosts a fashionable mountain bike. One that doesn't require green fingers and looks cool all by itself since she, as Sabine tells me with a wink, does not have green fingers at all. She does, however, have “just the right hand for hair” - and she's about to deliver.

Schminks Hairstyling Make-Up Wien Pinsel
Schminks Hairstyling Make-Up Wien Innenraum
Schminks Hairstyling Make-Up Wien Einrichtung
Schminks Hairstyling Make-Up Wien Schrank
Schminks Hairstyling Make-Up Wien Stuhl

I have had problems taming my hair for months now and no hairdresser has been able to really help me. Sabine listens to my problems carefully when I start telling her all about it and how desperate I am: “First, let me get you a split cut to remove your broken ends”. That's it? Why did no one else think of that? Before getting started on the actual cut, she goes through my dry hair for a quick cut ridding me of the split ends. Immediately, I see a difference. My hair looks calmer and I'm loving it!

Full of empathy, she understands my type and reacts appropriately trying to find ways of underlining it rather than covering it up, all the while giving useful tips on how to handle all of this yourself when you repeat it at home. And from now on, I vow to take better care of my hair – she showed me some good reasons. She even has vegan products to offer and makes sustainability one of her highest priorities. Naturally. I enjoy every second of the treatment and lay all of my trust in her hands when she prepares to get started for the actual long bob. A haircut that is not only supposed to solve my hair problem but is also said to be the one most fitting for me. And the uneasy feeling that you usually get at the hairdresser's doesn't even begin to kick in here!

I am delighted about the professional and accurate haircut and gather all of her tips on how to achieve slight waves at home. Having Sabine cut your hair is not only a treatment but also a lesson! And so it continues as she explains to me the matching make up. The woman carries so much knowledge around with her, I'm happy to hear anything she'll teach me. She loves to share with her customers, which is why she also offers make up-workshops or the Schminks Mobil for events. If you've got festivities coming up, the boss herself will come by and take care of you and your guests, depending on request and availability. I am absolutely head over heels for her and begin to wonder if the right hand for hair isn't worth much more than having a green thumb?

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Schminks – The Right Choice for Hair and Make Up
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