Jumi Käse Swiss raw-milk cheese with "Schmäh" and passion

Wednesday, July 26 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: 10:00am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm


Jumi Käse
Lange Gasse 28
1080 Vienna-district 8
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+43 1 961 9868

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Am Wochenende ist Jumi von 7-13 Uhr auch am Brunnenmarkt im 16. Bezirk.

The Swiss simply know how: Emmentaler, Gruyère, Raclette. As small as the country is, so great is the variety of cheeses. Jumi brings these Swiss cheese delicacies to Vienna. The shop in the 8th district is a loving treasure trove that makes cheese hearts beat faster.

"No Love, no Cheese" is the motto at Jumi, and you can see immediately that people with a lot of love and passion for cheese are at work here. Everywhere you look, there are wheels of cheese on rustic wooden boards and in wooden showcases: small and huge, young creamy and long-matured.

What they all have in common: Only raw milk is used at Jumi, as it is much more aromatic and varied than pasteurised milk. The goat, cow and sheep milk is processed in the family-run cheese dairies in the Swiss Emmental. Jumi was founded there by two cheese-loving friends almost 20 years ago, and in 2014 - as a "small satellite in the Jumiverse" - the branch opened in Vienna.

When you enter the shop, you genuinely believe you are in another universe: the shop in the 8th district resembles a cabinet of curiosities, lovingly decorated and full of curious, self-made cheese memorabilia. A goat made from milk cans looks down from the shelf, lights made from discarded milking hoses dangle from the ceiling.

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The visit alone is an experience. And then there's the cheese! Delicately melting truffle la bouse, spicy summerhimu with delicate blue veins, aromatic hard cheese and up to 20 varieties of raclette cheese.

In addition, there are seasonal creations with herbs and spices and, of course, various variations of the Belper tuber. The spherical hard cheese was invented accidentally when fresh cheese was forgotten in the Jumi ripening cellars. The resulting hard tuber took the gourmet world by storm. A Swiss version of Parmesan, if you will, thinly shaved over risotto or pasta.

The team at Jumi offers expert advice with a smile. The names of the cheeses are also charming. Blau's Hirni, for example, is a matured fresh cheese with blue mould. Individual cheese packages can be put together on request - ideal for giving as gifts or for summer picnics.

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