Ährnst Backwaren From someone who takes croissants very seriously

Tuesday, November 07 2023

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Thursday + Friday 8-12
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Ährnst - Backwaren e.U.
Burggasse 57
1070 Vienna-district 7
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According to legend, the croissant was invented in Vienna in the 17th century. It became popular in France, but even in its birthplace, countless places are dedicated to the crispy crescent. The latest newcomer: Ährnst. They bake croissants & co. with sourdough and a lot of passion.

Perfection takes time. Julian Lubinger spent several years practising the art of making croissants. He lets his Danish pastry rest for several days before it is rolled out, folded and baked to a golden brown - in short: the perfect croissant.

In summer, the young baker opened his Ährnst in the 7th district, which achieved cult status after just a few days. In the croissant business, that means sold out within a few hours.

Julian Lubinger started out as a chef and discovered his love of French pastries along the way. When the confectionery shop next to Cafébar Espresso closed down, his chance had come.

From eight o'clock in the morning, the golden baked pastries are on display on the wooden boards: fluffy croissants with a flaky crust, lavishly filled almond croix, fruit-filled Danish pastries and - for savoury cravings - savoury fillings with onion mustard or egg salad, for example.

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The bakery menu changes weekly. Peach and curd cheese, pear and almond, nougat and pistachio ... Once you've been to Ährnst, you'll keep coming back! The secret: the best ingredients and a dough that is not only made with yeast (the classic method) but also with sourdough, which makes it more digestible, exceptionally moist and incredibly flavoursome.

So it's no wonder that the pieces are eaten up within a few hours. But you don't have to go home empty-handed: The bakery also has a fine delicatessen, which sells products from regional producers, pickles and cooked dishes such as soups and ragu. After all, you can't live on croissants alone.

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Ährnst Backwaren – From someone who takes croissants very seriously
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