Bruder Markt Drinking fir needles and eating rowan berries

Sunday, January 16 2022

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Wednesday to Saturday: noon - 7:00pm


Bruder Markt
Windmühlgasse 20
1060 Vienna-district 6
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+43 664 1351 320

What does hay taste like? Or an Austrian fir tree? You can find out at Bruder Markt. The unusual liqueurs, for which fresh hay or self-gathered fir needles, cones, and bark are preserved, may be familiar to some from the pub of the same name right next door.

With playful drinks, modern pub cuisine, and Viennese charm, the two "brothers" Hubert Peter and Lucas Steindorfer quickly conquered a place on the city's culinary map.

Since their guests repeatedly asked whether their products could also be bought (and Corona forced them to close several times), they took the opportunity when the adjacent furniture shop closed its doors.

Instead of tables and armchairs, there are now bottles and glass balloons filled with Hubert Peter's liqueurs, vermouth - the basis of many of his drinks - and the in-house BROsecco. The second focus, as in the restaurant, lies on natural wines. Unadorned, beautiful wines, as the two say. Unadorned because the wines do not contain any additives.

Bruder Markt I photos by Marius Mammerler
Bruder Markt I photos by Marius Mammerler (2)
Bruder Markt I photos by Sophie Kirchner
Bruder Markt I Kardelen Ari

Beautiful, because they are sourced directly from the winegrowers and, in addition to Austria, come mainly from (South) Eastern Europe: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia - all countries that are still clearly underrepresented in wine terms.

In addition to spirits, you will also find pickles and fermented products from Lucas Steindorfer's kitchen. The assortment changes according to season, desire, and mood and ranges from wild garlic kimchi to salt lemons and various chili sauces to rowan berries.

In typical Bruder fashion, the atmosphere at the market is convivial, the advice is cordial, and anyone who is still a little skeptical about fir and hay liqueurs is welcome to try a glass or two.

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Bruder Markt – Drinking fir needles and eating rowan berries
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