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Tuesday, April 11 2023

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Can it be a coincidence that Vienna (Wien) and wine (Wein) are so close in German? No other European metropolis has such a rich wine culture as the Austrian capital. Until the late Middle Ages, vines even grew within the city walls in what is now the first district. Today, most vineyards are found in the suburbs. Around 700 hectares of vines are grown in the city - a world record - and many thousands more in the surrounding countryside.

The vast majority are white grape varieties such as Rhine and Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Grüner Veltliner. If at least three of these grape varieties are planted, harvested and processed together, you have a Gemischter Satz. It is the undisputed front-runner and stands for the local winemaking tradition like no other.

Just as important as the question of what to drink is the question of where to drink. The most popular: the Heuriger - wine taverns that are usually open for a while, where hot food is served alongside local wine. They open when it aus'gsteckt is - when a bush of green branches is hung above the entrance gate. A visit is particularly worthwhile now in spring. You can find out here when and where the most beautiful wine taverns are open:

Click on the orange marked names to find out more about the individual locations!

Winery Pferschy-Seper

Run by women for four generations - currently by Birgit Pferschy-Seper and daughter Anna. What was the absolute exception in their great-grandmother's time is still rare today. The wine scene is male-dominated. All the nicer that there are places like the Pferschy-Seper winery, which proves that women can do it (at least) just as well!

They work a lot with regional, autochthonous varieties like Rotgipfler and Zierfandler. They also offer an interpretation of the Gemischter Satz - on the label, you find the outlines of the four Pferschy-Seper women, united hand in hand.

The winery is located in the quiet suburb of Mödling and is one of the oldest in the city. In the romantic inner courtyard, under spreading trees, you can taste the wines along with snack platters and warm dishes.

Weingut und Heuriger Pferschy-Seper  | 
Friedrich Schiller Straße 6 | 2340 Mödling Vienna.Ausg’steckt is on: 4-21 May, 15 June-2 July and 24 August-3 September.
Other dates:
15 April Open Bottle Day; 25-28 May Wine Festival Thermenregion

Winery Zum Pranger

The smiley immediately stands out on the wine shelf. A hand-drawn, laughing face on a plain bottle. And an announcement: someone is having fun with this. Someone is not afraid to break with tradition. Behind the wine with the smiley is the couple Anna Gerland and Zane Berger. They started with half a hectare of Neuburger - an autochthonous Austrian grape variety. In the meantime, they have other wines on the go, all wild and unfiltered. For example, a Riesling cuvée, about which they write simply and cheekily: "It's good to drink, because it tastes good and is good." Their winery is located south of Vienna in the Thermenregion. When it's served, you can take a seat in the garland-lit backyard. Home-made, delicate dishes are served.

Weingut Zum Pranger | 
Kirchengasse 1 | 2352 Gumpoldskirchen.Ausg’steckt is on: 7-14 April, 18-28 May, 13-22 October

Biohof Nº5

On the northern outskirts of Vienna, where the houses are slowly giving way to green meadows, the Kaminek family runs their organic farm Nº5. They grow vegetables and feed for their free-range animals: Chickens, mangalitsa pigs and camera sheep. And they make wonderful wine. This can be tasted at the farm's taproom once a month all year round. In addition, there are delicacies from the farm's own vegetables and, of course, homemade bacon, sausage and spread from the animals living on the farm.

In summer, a pop-up location opens directly in the vineyard. A small wooden hut where wine, farm products and simple dishes are sold. But if you like, you can also bring your own food. Then, while sitting on beer benches or picnic blankets, you can enjoy the view over Vienna. As at the courtyard, there are regular concerts and cultural events.

Biohof Nº5 | 
Clessgasse 82 | 1210 Wien.The vineyard can be reached on foot in 10 minutes from Stammersdorfer Straße/Kellergasse and from the Senderstrasse car park.
Ausg’steckt is on: 14-16 April, 26-28 May, 16-18 June - from 3pm each day.
Further dates (also for the vineyard) on the website

Jutta Ambrositsch – Buschenschank in Residence

Ten times a year, the Viennese winemaker opens her "Buschenschank in Residence" in Grinzing - a, as she says, "manifesto against the Heurigen mainstream". Which is increasingly spreading in Vienna's formerly rustic wine district. Buschenschank is basically the same as a Heuriger - except that the former offers an exclusively cold menu, the latter also warm dishes. The food in Jutta Ambrositsch's Buschenschank comes from small businesses that are friends of hers and the wine from herself.

The former graphic designer started viticulture in 2004 as a career changer. With her unorthodox methods, which combine both tradition and modernity, she quickly made a name for herself. Today she is one of the most sought-after winemakers - far beyond the city and national borders. In the 19th district, in the formerly unused Buschenschank of a winemaking family friend, she wants to revive the original Buschenschank tradition. Original, authentic, local.

Buschenschank in Residence | 
Langackergasse 5a | 1190 Wien.Ausg’steckt is on: 12-14 and 18-21 May; 8-10, 16-18, 23-25 and 30 June; 1-2 July.
Friday from 17-23 hrs, Saturday 16-23 hrs, Sunday and public holiday 15-23 hrs.
Tables against reservation .+43664 5006095

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