Paleo on Valentine's Day Sinful cooking lesson with Naturpatissière Anna

Monday, February 07 2022


Monday, 14.02.2022, Start: 6:30 pm
Zoom link to live cooking class will be sent via email
Participation free of charge, simply register online

As Germany's first natural patissière, Anna from Gleem (aka Anna Gliemer) stands for classic chocolates and desserts without traditional ingredients. Patisserie Gleem works gluten-free, without added sugar, milk or egg and thus, apart from organic honey in some recipes, also vegan. In good German: Paleo Patisserie.

Anna says of herself: "I'm a kitchen fairy, a crossfitter, a start-up founder, a Paleofoodie." And for Valentine's Day, she is spoiling us with two tempting recipes. Well, actually not us, but rather ourselves. Because on Monday, 14 February, she and the pan system Olav invite you to an Olav cooking evening via Zoom. Because cooking and enjoyment unite. That's why Olav regularly organises cooking evenings where Olavists can celebrate their passion together. 

We can already reveal the recipes for Valentine's Day: 

1st course: Raw beetroot pockets | smoked tofu and almond carbonara | truffled celery cream

2nd course: zucchini mousse au chocolate

Paleopatissiere Anna Gliemer

How do you get to the romance with Anna and Olav? Simply register online, sign up, receive an email in advance with the shopping list and recipe and then we will cook together live via Zoom.

Paleo on Valentine's Day - if that's not a surprise! And we'll let you in on a secret: non-Olavists will also have fun cooking and feasting together. So we are already looking forward to our cooking skills.

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Paleo on Valentine’s Day – Sinful cooking lesson with Naturpatissière Anna
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