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Tuesday, September 29 2015

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Access for members 24 hours daily,
non-members by request.


Georg-Kalb-Straße 9
82049 Pullach
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+49 89 68 09 91 35

This triad is both, slogan and explanation for Pullach's first exclusive wine club. As soon as I descend into the 400 sqm premises of this 1881 cellar-vault of Kalb'sche Brauerei, the atmosphere hits you. History meets zeitgeist: restored walls and murals lit dimly suggest great comfort, modern interior design shows a beautiful fusion of contemporary art, pieces of oak furniture, modern design classics and whimsical details.

Founder and owner Walt Werner, purveyor of wine and communication agent, and his friend and associate Ralf Schierl decided to realize his idea of a classic club in a young, modern and stylish way. The old vaults are reborn as a modern location site: two main vaults, two side aisles and several smaller vault aisles host plenty of wines stored by club members.

Depending on the size of your safe, and the costs that come with maintaining it, your favourite wines will be stored under perfect conditions. Members have 24h-access to the classic club lounge via personalised chips, enabling them to have a glass of their own or one of the wines available among friends, colleagues and business acquaintances.

Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Interieur
Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Veranstaltungsaal
Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Innenraum
Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Weinkeller
Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Weinregal
Tresor Vinum Wein Klub Keller München Beleuchtung

Aside from wine, however, you will also find snacks, soups, beer, soft and hot drinks on the menu. Upon request, food can be ordered from and reserved at any of the surrounding restaurants. It is a fusion of personal and business spheres, yet always discreet, a kind of extended living room that the two men set out to achieve, far from the old Gentlemen's Club, towards a new form of „Private Member Wine Club“. And they have succeeded, as far as I am concerned.

A monthly arts and culture event presents highly regarded artists such as selected musicians from the Munich Philharmonic or Jazz saxophonist Max Merseny. Occasional vine-growers' nights offer wine tastings, exhibitions show contemporary pieces by artists across the board. TRESOR VINUM is not only about wine, you see, but much more about networking, style and the bigger picture.
"Rhythm & Wine" nights take place on the first Saturday of every month in the big wine cellar, also available for rent, inviting everybody to join in on an evening full of arts, culture, selected tunes and, of course, good wine. I have only gone once, but was quickly convinced to make it a regular thing!

Be that as it may, the founders, trust me, will not run out of innovative ideas anytime soon: they're planning on hosting a White Summer Party that'll be all about white wines, a Gin-themed long drink night and a Top Vigneron Night, hosting some of the best sommeliers. A group of Munich Philharmonic soloists is set to play another night in October, as well. And it's all dedicated to those with a passion for life, culture and savoir vivre. A true asset to the city!

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