Meatingraum — A West End Dinner Club Serving a Large Portion of "Gastrosophie"

Wednesday, September 21 2016

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Gollierstraße 38
80339 Munich-Schwanthalerhöhe
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+49 171 993 14 24

Ever tried TrüPü? No? I have! It was on the menu at the “Le Petit Luxe” evening at Meatingraum last week. But my apologies, I’ll stop being so cryptic. The secret to TrüPü is a truffle potato puree. And the secret to Meatingraum? Two men named Marc Christian and Sven Kemmler.

They both enjoy eating, drinking, and laughing- and have devoted themselves to what they call “gastrosophie,” a concept that brings “culture, art, culinary, and guests together” as they describe it on their website. Whether through a dinner club evening with changing themes, a cooking class, or “Englischstunde”- Sven Kemmler’s cabaret program that’s already performed at the München Lach- und Schiessgesellschaft, a historical cabaret institution.

And I have to say: the experience is absolutely worth it. The “Petit Luxe” evening program, for example, isn’t called the “Wednesday reward” for nothing, as I came to find last week. Sparkling rose in hand, my friend and I make our way in to see what this is all about- along with the rest of the guests, everyone excited for our evening together.

Meatingraum München Westend Hauptgang Coq au Vin
Meatingraum München Westend Vorspeise mit gebratenem Chicoree
Meatingraum München Westend Dessert Crepe Suzette
Meatingraum München Westend gedeckte Tafel
Meatingraum München Westend Speisekarte
Meatingraum München Westend Coq au Vin für Instagram
Meatingraum München Westend Kulinarik und Gastrosophie

The nice thing about it is that even without knowing anyone, conversation is easy to pick up. We learn that the woman at our neighbouring table is not only a whiskey connoisseur, but a tour guide as well. A website specialist gives us a quick, free analysis of our own internet presence.

Most of all, we’re able to share our delight at the menu served by Meatingraum host Marc. Before the main dish of the aforementioned TrüPü, vegetables, and a sous-vide variation of coq au vin, the appetiser- camembert, chicory, and beluga lentils- has its own exquisite affair with the divine truffle.

Wonderful wines come paired with each course, presented with fitting anecdotes to their origin. It only enhances the meal further that the very man who created the menu and cooked, steamed, and baked the ingredients into a work of art is also at the table.

It’s the only way for us to unabashedly pick his brains- especially on exactly how this sous-vide method works, or what made his family choose to get into the distillery business. A regular restaurant visit rarely gets so intimate.

At the very latest, by the desert course “Kind of Crêpe Suzette”- a French classic interpreted with a fluffy cream cheese and hints of rosemary in an orange aroma- everyone is in agreement that the evening is nothing but harmonious.

The Meatingraum is a München gem that must be experienced. No date? No problem- gastrosophising with strangers at a large table alone is much better. That’s a promise!

Oh yeah: if you’re looking for an exciting idea for your next business party, you can put your event in Marc and Sven’s hands. Running successful events is something of a specialty of theirs.

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Meatingraum — A West End Dinner Club Serving a Large Portion of “Gastrosophie”
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