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Monday, February 08 2016


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Sometimes it just clicks, be it when meeting a new person, gazing at a picture, or sorting through ideas and impressions. In the case of photographer and food stylist Vivi D’Angelo, I felt the click before I even had the chance to hear the working sounds of her camera live.

"Wow, those are good photos!" was my first thought as I looked over the website for München restaurant Nana while researching for an article. Because yeah, my job means that I’m constantly browsing online entries for restaurants, cafes, and gourmet food stores. But it doesn’t matter how nice the shop may be, how unbelievably good their selection or virtuosically arranged their menus are- online that’s rarely to be seen. A phenomenon that continues to baffle me.

Which means I was all the more excited to finally discover photos that really bring across exactly what you, as a guest, would like to see when the food is brought out. Crisp freshness, glowing colours, such beautifully arranged goodies that you immediately want to try what you see, bite for bite. So I researched further and ultimately figured out who stood behind these pictures: Vivi D’Angelo.

Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Orangen
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Caramel
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Shakshuka
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Tomaten
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Smoothie
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Kekse
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Emotionen
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Portait Baby
Vivi D'Angelo Foodphotography Baby

For several years now, she's made it her business to photograph food and its development. Even though her degree in communication sciences programmed her for a career in publicity, a fascination for good food and passion for cooking and serving sent her on a detour into the world of catering. Here she realised she had just as much fun busying herself with the question of presentation, bringing menus and foods to the scene as photography motifs.

One thing led to another and word of the quality of her pictures spread, which is why for some time now she hasn’t just illustrated websites and brochures for restaurants and cafes. For the hobby chefs well aware of GU Verlag [publishing company], Vivi D’Angelo has produced a range of shots for their cookbooks; for the gourmet foodies she’s recently shot creations for renowned Michelin star chefs. And so well at that, that one of her photos even graced the cover of the prestigious magazine Feinschmecker.

Unlike her (she doesn’t seem to be quite able to believe it), this accolade doesn’t surprise me. She knows too well how to combine the most minute details, like seemingly randomly scattered grains of salt or leaves of herbs, into a perfect overall conception. One pearly drop of water on a glass rim or the crispy crumbs of a crust of bread are an eye-catcher to her.

The München photographer hasn’t restricted herself to only cakes and co. for a while now either: increased requests from friends has led to a recent specialisation in baby shoots as well. Just as with food, it’s all about capturing special moments- without any kind of artistic staging…

The photographer doesn’t just use this know-how for her own pictures, but passes it on through workshops, where food bloggers, cafe owners, passionate connoisseurs, and sometimes even professions photographers meet. All with the question: how do I get food and drink in the right light? How do I bring an authentic mood to the picture- preferably without a studio and expensive equipment?

The answers must be so convincing, that the courses are completely booked before you know it, every time. So be quick with the sign up!

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