Saigon Deli Vietnamese street food at fine dining level

Tuesday, April 18 2023

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Tuesday to Sunday: 11:30am - 3:00pm & 5:30pm - 11:00pm


Saigon Deli
Breisacher Str. 18
81667 Munich-Haidhausen
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+49 89 940 029 44

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The word "pleasure trip" sums it up nicely: you can also experience something when you eat. This doesn't always have to be a live cooking station or a dinner show. Sometimes the establishment itself tells enough stories to make you feel entertained.

The best example: Saigon Deli in Haidhausen. A restaurant that opened in 2019 and is now considered an institution in terms of authentic Southeast Asian cuisine and chic ambience.

Visually, the restaurant which is divided into two rooms, transports you to the colourful streets of Vietnam thanks to bamboo elements, wicker armchairs, lanterns and lots of greenery. The epithet Deli, on the other hand, stands for delicacies and clarifies that the restaurant's traditional cuisine is of fine-dining standard.

The classic Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, rice noodle bowls, curry dishes and Dim Sum taste wonderfully delicious and aromatic. Particularly recommended among the starters: the seaweed salad with slightly spicy soy-lime dressing (12.50 euros) and the Ga Popcorn - crispy chicken pieces with chilli mayo sauce (10.50 euros).

Saigon Deli I Muenchen (1)
Saigon Deli I Muenchen (2)
Saigon Deli I Muenchen (4)
Saigon Deli I Muenchen (5)
Saigon Deli I Muenchen (6)

And since sharing is part of the Asian culture, you should also share main courses like the grilled salmon with Chinese cabbage (18.90 euros), the Crispy Tofu (15.90 euros) or rice paper rolls with prawns (21.50 euros) at the table.

Apart from the attractively presented food, the open kitchen-bar area, covered by a pergola made of old spruce wood, also pleases the eye in the family-run Saigon Deli. Here, homemade lemonades, cocktails and Vietnamese iced coffee are freshly prepared, as are the dumplings.

All in all, the Saigon Deli is a restaurant that is a pleasure to visit in order to embark on a culinary and atmospheric journey to Vietnam.

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Saigon Deli – Vietnamese street food at fine dining level
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