Klewitz Die Wohnung Inspiring Arrangements in Dreimühlen Borough

Saturday, May 21 2016

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Tuesday 14.00-19.00
Wednesday till Friday 11.00-19.00
Saturday 11.00-17.00


Klewitz Die Wohnung
Dreimühlenstraße 40
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
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+49 89 85 66 30 97

Some flats are so simultaneously perfectly and cosily furnished, you just want to take a piece back to your own home after visiting— or perhaps you get the more extreme urge to redecorate your own four walls immediately so as to make them just as wonderful. That’s exactly what happens upon entering the showroom Klewitz Die Wohnung in the Dreimühlen borough.

At least that’s what happens to me whenever I revisit Thomas Klewitz and Kerstin Empl’s remarkable furnishing store. The different floors and various rooms are brimming with inspiration. Cute accessories such as candle holders, vases, carpets, and lamps are not just lined up on display shelves, but naturally enhance the different areas of the loft.

Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining and living areas— everything is so authentically mapped out that it’s easy to forget that you’re in a store, not a private flat. Amongst other things, the vast number of one-of-a-kind items you can discover here contributes to that feeling.

Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Der Einrichtungsladen im Dreimühlenviertel
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Grosser Esstisch und passende Deko-Ideen
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Schöne Einrichtungsideen fürs Wohnzimmer
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Bett mit Stauraum
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Couchtische im Midcentury Design
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Holzmöbel im Industrial Style
Klewitz. Die Wohnung München - Interior Design Berater in München

The large dining table, the vitrine, the room-dividing industrial style shelf: they’re all individual productions of Thomas Klewitz himself. The skilled carpenter and metalworker creates the custom pieces in his workshop in a studio apartment in Krailling.

In addition to all this, he and Kerstin Empl offer individual interior design consultations and put together custom living arrangements under the name Klewitz Die Wohnung. It doesn’t matter if you’re building from the ground up, renovating an old München flat, or just rearranging the kitchen or bedroom.

Their numerous regulars have placed tremendous trust in them. "Sometimes people just send me photos when they’ve rearranged something at home or hung a new painting. With it comes the question: 'check it out, does that look good?'" Kerstin tells me with a smirk.

At the moment she and her partner Thomas Klewitz are working on their own rebuilding project. The children’s room of the showroom on Dreimühlenstr. will soon be transformed into a prototype room for the display of material samples. It’ll include space for a conference table where ideas can be sketched and concepts expanded upon— for every need and budget.

I can definitely say this much: a visit to the store is worth it even if you aren’t planning to renovate. It’s so much fun to discover a different treasure in each room and have a little chat with the consultation team.

That’s the advantage of them being located away from the overcrowded inner city, in the middle of the almost village-like Dreimühlen borough in the Isarvorstadt district: you can take your time enjoying the essentials and the finer things alike…

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Klewitz Die Wohnung – Inspiring Arrangements in Dreimühlen Borough
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