Wisdom & Koenig Interior Unique Finds from Across the World

Friday, May 10 2019

Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 12.00-19.00
Saturday 11.00-15.00


Wisdom & Koenig Interior
Fraunhoferstr. 41
80469 Munich-Isarvorstadt
.How to get there


+49 174 918 052

When you mix together a good amount of affinity for design, double that in wanderlust and treasure-hunting spirit, season it all with a dash of the bizarre – et voilà: The result is a wonderful inventory of sorts, like the one you’ll find at Wisdom & Koenig. The showroom and interior design shop in the Glockenbach neighbourhood is a brand new go-to for vintage lovers.

It was only three weeks ago that this very special furniture shop opened its doors on Fraunhoferstraße. Here, the owners, Dominique Wisdom and Kyle Koenig, have accumulated treasures from across the world: Don’t be surprised to find dazzlingly-colourful insects under an antique glass bell, or a collection of handmade ceramics at Wisdom & Koenig.

On a perfectly crumpled leather sofa, pillows with artfully embroidered covers are piled high. Music floods the room out of a vintage stereo. And endless, carefully-considered details – placed with a good eye – can be spotted everywhere. Every single piece is unique. Everything has its story, and its own history. 

Wisdom & Koenig Interior Design München-3
Wisdom & Koenig Interior Design München
Wisdom & Koenig Interior Design München-2
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Interior Shop Wisdom & Koenig in München-4
Interior Shop Wisdom & Koenig in München
Wisdom & Koenig Interior Design München-4

Once they’ve become part of the ensemble that is Wisdom & Koenig, new life is breathed into every furniture piece, textile, lamp and piece of art that has been brought back from the couple’s vast number of trips. Like pieces of a puzzle, the items in the showroom come together to form a perfect whole. On a regular basis, the couple redecorates the shop, following new streams of inspiration. Get set for a journey around the world in the heart of Munich!

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Wisdom & Koenig Interior – Unique Finds from Across the World
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