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Wednesday, April 06 2016


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Deliveries possible in all of Germany.

Sat for too long in the office, no time to stop at the grocery store on the way home, and the refrigerator is a wasteland. Who hasn’t been there? In my house, at least, this is a regular occurrence. But what to do apart from dining out? Order a takeaway, obviously. Though I must say, a generous portion of sushi and miso may cure the hunger pains, but it also leaves a giant stack of plastic rubbish in its wake.

A new München startup has solved this problem and eased my terrible eco-guilt. The food delivery service Gourmistas distributes its delicious creations in reusable preserving jars that work as chic, recyclable delivery boxes with cooling systems. And honestly? It’s not only good for the environment, but a feast for the eyes as well…

The contents of the glasses only confirmed my excitement. Their selection ranges from truffled potato soup to exotic curry to a hearty meat stew. Whether your vegetarian, vegan, or a meat lover, there’s something for everyone and even the most amateur of cooks can manage the necessary stovetop reheating. The most practical bit is that the dishes are good for around three months stored in the fridge and completely free of conservatives or artificial additives- what grandmother knew still holds true today.

Gourmistas Lieferservice München
Gourmistas Lieferservice München Gericht
Gourmistas Lieferservice München Lieferung
Gourmistas Lieferservice München Suppe im Glas
Gourmistas Lieferservice München Suppe
Gourmistas Lieferservice München Speisen

Gourmistas even goes one step further in regards to sustainability: all ingredients are organic and at least 95% of each dish is provided by local partners and farmers. The dishes have been conceptualised by creative gourmets, including Michelin star chef Egon Heiss, the internationally renowned cook demonstrator Armin Alexander Auer, and former television chef Gregor Wenter.

As an optional addition to the individual dishes, Gourmistas offers a range of top-quality pastas, cheeses, and wines. You can put together a complete menu with minimal effort in no time! Ideal for short-notice visitors… Which I experimented with for this article and can recommend without reservation. I would only suggest allowing for more generous portion sizes: for example, according to the Gourmistas website, a jar of soup suffices for two people, which it may as an appetiser, but if you want the soup as a main I’d recommend a double serving.

Result: if you value healthy, delicious, feel-good cuisine, but don’t have the time or will to prepare and cook your own food, check out Gourmistas. Ideal as an office lunch or for dinner at home, alone or with a sociable group. And if you’re daring and don’t mind cheating a little, you can even pass it off as homemade- it’s that authentically good!

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Gourmistas – A Delivery Service that conserves
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