Cochinchina Vietnamese Fine Dining in Schwabing

Tuesday, May 31 2022

Opening Times

Daily: 11:30am - 3:00pm & 5:30pm - 11:30pm


Kaiserstr. 28
80801 Munich-Schwabing
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+49 89 389 895 77

A decade in gastronomy is more like a quarter of a century, especially in the fast-moving Munich scene. So there's a lot to be said for a visit to the Vietnamese restaurant Cochinchina, which will soon be celebrating its first double-digit anniversary.

In 2014, the restaurant opened in the heart of Schwabing, where it still captures the zeitgeist with its urban-chic flair and serves authentic dishes from the Far East that are very popular. 

The name, which is somewhat unusual for the German-speaking world, is the old name for the south of Vietnam and parts of eastern Cambodia. In keeping with the local food culture, the menu includes dishes such as crispy duck with ginger vegetables, grilled salmon or vegetarian rice noodle bowls with a fragrant herb bouquet.

Ideal for two people who like to try a bit of everything: the starter variation to share. From crispy wan tans with chicken and shrimp to the refreshing mango duck salad and saté skewers over a small flame pot, this is a beautiful demonstration of what Cochinchina is all about: high quality, good taste and craftsmanship. For example, the chef prepares his sauces daily and refines everything with traditional spices.

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Cochinchina I Photo Lioncut Media Agency (6) - Kopie
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Cochinchina I Photo Lioncut Media Agency (4) - Kopie

And if you don't get your fill from the many great little starters for dipping and dunking, you should definitely choose the crispy beef with sugar snap peas, spring onions and tamarind sauce as your main course. It comes in such generous portions that it is lovely for sharing and tastes simply delicious thanks to the spicy-aromatic marinade!

Finally, the coconut ice cream delights our taste buds. Refined with sesame seeds and peanuts, it comes in a natural coconut shell and tastes so fresh you'll think you're on a beach in Vietnam.

Of course, the ambience of Cochinchina also makes this gustatory illusion perfect. Everything there is harmoniously decorated in the Far East under the sign of the dragonfly. Iridescent fabrics, filigree room dividers and airy high ceilings combined with fine walnut wood, moss-green walls and copper details make the restaurant a design highlight with a holiday atmosphere.

Conclusion. Just as the dragonfly symbolises Vietnam, Cochinchina stands for timelessly good cuisine.

Cochinchina – Vietnamese Fine Dining in Schwabing
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