Atelier Kaldewey Slow Fashion made in München

Monday, August 15 2016

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Monday to Friday: 10.30 am - 6.00 pm
Saturday: 10.30 am - 4.00 pm
Also by appointment.


Atelier Kaldewey
Maistraße 29
80337 Munich-Ludwigsvorstadt
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+49 89 54 80 75 21

Sarah Kaldewey’s workshop lies somewhat hidden in a quaint München courtyard. The area was made for the master seamstress and fashionista. Bright, charming, full of its own puristic, easy-going elegance— just like the fashion handcrafted by Kaldewey. The label is something between ready-to-wear and customisable, consciously letting short-lived trends pass by while concentrating on timeless, feminine designs for the modern businesswoman.

Sarah Kaldewey knows what she wants and specifically decided against a classic collection rhythm. "I believe in long-lasting fashion. The short lifespan of fashion trends never ceases to shock me," she explains. She incorporates this philosophy into each and every design, describing her style as casual chic. Her fashion is elegant and linear, but most importantly comfortable and sufficient for daily wear. Timeless clothing for every day, each piece so unique that it’s a statement in itself.

Regardless of season or trends, the fashionista drafts new looks in her workshop based on her current repertoire. "My customers make the collection," Sarah says, "because depending on which material they choose or which details they decide to change in the cut, the piece becomes an entirely new statement. The correct fit is incredibly important as well. In the age of fast fashion we often forget how an article of clothing is supposed to sit and what an impact that fit has on the final look."

Atelier Kaldewey München Schneiderei Ludwigssvorstadt
Atelier Kaldewey München Modemacherin Sarah Kaldewey
Atelier Kaldewey München Maßgeschneidertes Brautkleid
Atelier Kaldewey München Ledertasche aus Manufakturherstellung
Atelier Kaldewey München Wintermantel Grau
Atelier Kaldewey München Wintermantel und Tasche Schwarz
Atelier Kaldewey München Ledermantel und Tasche
Atelier Kaldewey München Slow Fashion
Atelier Kaldewey München Handgenähtes Brautkleid

A proper consultation plays a central role for Sarah Kaldewey. She places a lot of value on personal communication with her customers, asks what they like to wear and what they feel good in, and owing to her experience is very skilled at determining which design, colours, and material best suit the individual’s personality. The designer’s special hobbies lie in wedding dresses, jackets, and leather handbags, which she creates under her second label, Neonlachs.

I happen to find out that she’s actually, by way of exception, working on a mini-collection of wedding dresses in addition to her customisable range. The plan includes special skirts and tops that can be put together to make different wedding outfits and will be integrated into Kaldewey’s classic-modern line. The most incredible part: after the wedding, the pieces can easily be worn combined with casual trousers or a cool top. The memories of "the best day of your life" can be relived again and again.

The keyword longevity is again emphasised in Sarah Kaldewey’s handicraft. Her cuts and ideas are thought through perfectly, the implementation and material selection of utmost importance. Atelier Kaldewey is slow fashion- from first draft to final product- at the heart of München. An appointment is completely nonbinding, but be careful: it seems impossible to leave the shop without one of these incredible pieces. My pickings: two airy turbans- you’ll hardly see me anymore without them.

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