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Monday, December 07 2015

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Monday till Friday 10.00-19.00
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Christine Kröncke Interior Design GmbH
Ludwigstraße 6
80539 Munich-Maxvorstadt
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+89 66 0 66 714

“Style can be anything. Just not random.” - Chrstine Kröncke Interior Design’s credo. I have to say that in this instance, the Munich company is spot on. Puristic restraint, frivolous opulence- anything can be impressive in its own way as long as the concept works. But it’s not always easy to find the right concept for your own home. I know more than a few people who, after moving into a new flat, preferred to live for months with a plain lightbulb over their heads rather than prematurely hang up the wrong lamp (myself included!).

But what about when the inspiration runs dry, when the dimensions of your sofa don’t fit the cut of the living room? You turn to an arrangement consultation with an interior architect who is sure to have an answer- and Christine Kröncke’s team of experts guarantee their solution’s success. They measure, draft, and conceptualise on the spot, offering 3D visualisation of the floor plan and extremely helpful arrangement ideas and suggestions. In the end, the configuration is implemented practically.

Kröncke Einrichtungen Brienner Quartier München Sofa
Kröncke Einrichtungen Brienner Quartier München Schaufenster

The owner-operated company also delivers the appropriate furniture- successful Munich designer Christine Kröncke and her projects have been on the market since 1974. Today, she employs a nine-man team of designers that regularly create new, exclusive furniture, lighting units, and appliances as part of closed collections.

The distinctiveness of the furniture lies- alongside the impressively timeless design- in their unusually valuable craftsmanship. Kröncke produces solely in Germany and with precious materials. It’s not for nothing that she declares her furniture “commitment to style” - the beds, tables, sideboards, and lights I’ve discovered at her store in Maxvorstadt are truly fascinating eye-catchers!

The layout of the store compliments the exclusive range: the showroom is set in the so-called Ludwigpalais, a magnificent Munich Prachtbau along Ludwigstraße, styled by the classical master Leo von Klenze. Over 220 m2 you can enter the world of lordly establishments and breathe in notes of fine leather and fresh materials.

As I can attest from my visit, Ludwigpalais is overall a rewarding destination for anyone on the search for furnishing ideas and arrangement professionals in Munich: in the same neighbourhood as Christine Kröncke Interior Design you’ll find the kitchen store Ludwig 6 - Die Küche, wood experts Schotten & Hansen, and renowned producers like Rolf Benz and Roche Bobois.

So in case home planning or flat renovation are in the works: this detour on your search for inspiration is worth it!

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