Toens Espresso und Milchreisbar Fresh rice pudding variations

Wednesday, January 25 2023

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Tuesday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 5:00pm


Toens Espresso und Milchreisbar
Neuer Kamp 19
20357 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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We visit Antonia in her espresso and rice pudding bar on a cold, sunny, sky-blue day in January. The pop-up store is clearly and invitingly decorated. The menu is straightforward and minimalist. Three rice pudding creations are offered in rotation. The ingredients for the dishes are fresh, regional, plant-based and seasonally selected. You won't find coconut flakes or pineapple in a rice pudding a la Antonia.

But this is not only good news on a sustainable level. By consciously limiting her selection, the master of rice pudding always comes up with new, tasty recipes for her guests. The basis for these recipes is the fruit from the Old Country, which Antonia preserves herself and which awaits preparation in large preserving jars.

We are lucky enough to be able to try all three rice pudding variations of the day. The hot plum with caramel nut crunch, a little poppy seed and hazelnut butter warms us up, melts in our mouths and makes us feel full and satisfied. The baked apple rice pudding comes with a sauce of hazelnut butter, speculoos butter and a cardamom-cinnamon decoction, which is brought to the boil with a hint of amaretto. Topped with some toasted almonds and toasted poppy seeds. Yummy! Smells and tastes as good as it sounds. Finally, we turn to the classic rice pudding, a bowl of rice pudding with cinnamon & sugar - also delicious.

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To accompany the substantial delights, Toens offers coffee specialities from Black Delight. A coffee roasting company from Hamburg that stands for transparency, direct trade and excellent roasting of its carefully selected coffee beans.

Antonia came into contact with the catering industry through her training as a barista and her lateral entry into the café business. At that time, she was still working as a communication designer in the field of CI-CD. However, in the course of her work in the gastronomic businesses, it became increasingly clear to her that she did not want to imagine a career behind the screen and "pushing pixels" - as she describes it herself. Moreover, she became even less enthusiastic about this path after working on a farm in France for 4 months.

At the latest, after this experience, it was clear to her, "I'm swapping my career as a designer at the computer". Because for Antonia, a creative process has to do with the diversity of impressions. When cooking, she smells, tastes, feels and sees this process, absorbs and perceives it with all her senses. Antonia's enthusiasm radiates when she talks about her love of cooking and creating dishes. This can be tasted in every detail of the lovingly arranged dishes at Toens.

A small addendum on the subject of regionality. At Toens, even the crockery is from the neighbourhood. Antonia gets it from a ceramist who makes the wonderful-looking bowls and mugs in his small ceramic workshop on Marktstraße.

The Toens is a pop-up. So there is still time to enjoy a rice pudding at Toens until the end of February. We don't know how and where Antonia's rice pudding story will be told in the future, so we look forward to the next chapter.

Toens Espresso und Milchreisbar – Fresh rice pudding variations
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