Harald Lubner The Store of Special Scents

Friday, January 10 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 10.00 am - 7.00 pm


Harald Lubner
Große Bleichen 23
20354 Hamburg-Inner City
.How to get there


+49 40 3571 5455

After years of office life the trained businessman decided to go for his long-felt want. He’s always had a thing for fragrances. While in New York, he did extensive research and was confronted with the most exceptional scents and the world’s best perfumers. He opened up his store in 2000 and has been displaying carefully selected niche products instead of the usual commercially available ones. Many of the perfumes were introduced to the German market by him and some are still available only in this little treasure chest.

The customer service is outstanding, the staff at Harald Lubner’s will make sure to find something fitting for every customer, no exceptions made. Everything I have acquired here so far, and I’m not one to be pleased easily when it comes to perfumes, was a complete success. There is no gender specification either, all that counts is your olfactory perception.

A great range of Italian family enterprise Profvmvm Roma’s products adorns the floor-to-ceiling racks, as well as a selection of exquisitely named fragrances by Nana de Bary of Austria such as “Stay With Me” or “No Matter What”. The fact that royal concoctions of world-renowned Frédéric Malle have found their way into this store is the ultimate knightly accolade. Twelve perfume artists gathered to develop their favorite scents under his artistic direction. And Frédéric Malle examines and selects thoroughly where these works of art get to be displayed.

Harald Lubner-besondere Düfte-Hamburg-3
Harald Lubner-besondere Düfte-Hamburg-2
Harald Lubner-besondere Düfte-Hamburg-5
Harald Lubner-besondere Düfte-Hamburg
Harald Lubner-Parfums-Besondere Düfte-Hamburger Innestadt 2

Small but mighty, this store of special scents ‘Harald Lubner’ is now one of my highlights in the city. I’ve become a true fan, because what can lighten up my day more than a beautiful scent that makes me happy and surrounds me wherever I go.


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Harald Lubner – The Store of Special Scents
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