The hospitality cabins from Raus sustainable and close by time out

Wednesday, February 01 2023

Today we're going out. Out of the city and into a Raus-Tech hospitality cabin. It is located in a cattle pasture near a small town somewhere in Schleswig Holstein.

After a 50-minute drive and a bumpy last few metres along a narrow dirt road lined with small wood, we reach our temporary home. Simple, elegant and encased in black wood, it stands in the countryside. A small terrace with lounge furniture invites us to hang out. Solar cells mounted on the cabin's roof collect energy from the dull light of this January day.

We transport our luggage from the car park to the cabin in a handcart and open the door with a code. Once inside the cabin, we are greeted by a well-thought-out, cosy and attractively designed interior.

A fully equipped kitchenette with two gas burners and sink, a work and chill corner, a spacious bed and a small, separate bathroom with shower, sink and compost toilet. In addition, light wood-panelled walls, black details and lots of light are pleasing to the eye.

Raus Tiny Haus (1)
Raus Tiny Haus (2)
Raus Tiny Haus (4)
Raus Tiny Haus (3)
Raus Tiny Haus (2)
Raus Tiny Haus _ Foto Franz Grünewald

We let the view from inside the cabin wander in all four directions because all walls are equipped with windows. The outer wall, where the bed is located, consists of a floor-to-ceiling panoramic window that smoothly transitions indoors to outdoors. So from the bed, we gaze at stars, sunsets and everything else that goes on in a pasture in the middle of nowhere.

There is a lot of peace inside and outside our domicile. But it's January, and it's cold. So we light a fire in the wood stove. Firewood, tinder, and wood shavings are already ready, and after a short time, warming flames blaze behind the glass pane of our stove.

The sun, which had no desire to show itself today, sets, and darkness settles over the woods, meadow and cabin. We feel comfortable in our little house and let the evening take its course. Eat, talk, keep quiet, read, and gaze into the fire. In short: cultivated contemplation. We immediately feel how the reduction to the essentials in architecture, location and furnishings transfers to our mood.

At this point, a brief note for workaholics who find such descriptions more stressful than relaxing: All Raus cabins have wifi.

Other equipment in the tiny houses in the countryside includes yoga mats, a barbecue for the summer months, some reading material and fluffy blankets and pillows. Ideas, time and love have been invested here to make the guests' stay as pleasant as possible.

Raus was founded by Christopher Eilers, Johann Ahlers and Julian Trautwein and is a Berlin-based hospitality tech start-up that offers city dwellers the opportunity to take a spontaneous and uncomplicated break in the middle of nature with contemporary, sustainable cabins.

Together with a team of architects, hospitality experts, engineers and designers, Raus launched its first locations not far from Berlin in October 2021 and has since expanded beyond Berlin.

Getting people out into nature is just as crucial to the young Berlin-based company as preserving the beauty and resources of this nature. Designed with a high demand for sustainability and comfort, the Raus cabins are therefore made in an environmentally friendly way from natural and recycled materials.

The idea of sustainability is also reflected in the cabins' small functional and decorative details. We particularly liked the plates, cups and bowls from Good Clay Sunshine, a Berlin pottery and ceramics workshop.

By the way, you can also have good food delivered directly to your cabin at Raus because it collaborates with Nobelhart & Schmutzig, among others, which offers a large selection of food and wine packages made from carefully selected products. It is almost superfluous to mention that the Raus makers also pay attention to regionality and sustainability here.

The hospitality cabins from Raus – sustainable and close by time out
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