Aesop ABC Viertel An Afternoon in Down Under

Thursday, June 18 2015

Opening Times

Monday till Sunday 11.00-19.00


Aesop ABC-Viertel
Poststrasse 22
20354 Hamburg-Inner City
.How to get there


+49 40 3499 3636

Hamburg can justifiably flatter itself: not only is the Aesop store, the most recent addition to the ABC neighbourhood, designed by star architect Vincent Van Duysen, the city is now also the first one in Europe to offer Aesop treatments. For many years now, I have been a fan of this Australian cosmetics brand that was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and has focussed on high-quality all-natural agents from the very beginning. Which is why I cannot wait for my 60-minute treatment as that, too, promises to be something special.

Sylke Medger leads me through to the back of the store where the interior continues to please the eye with subtlety and comfort in earthy tones. After a quick anamnesis that would reveal more about my skin's condition, I am asked to rid myself of any jewellery and clothing and lay back on the treatment couch. Sylke puts together a unique combination of skin care products that fits my skin's exact needs and even proceeds to add skin type-specific ingredients on the spot, such as liquorice root extract. The scent of the cleansing oil or the facial toner alone have got me relaxed. The product line she chose to go with is called Parsley Seed as this herbal seed is known to be high in antioxidants.

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All cremes and serums are highly effective, I can already feel them working. Above all, however, it's Sylke's ways and methods that impress me. She tells me that she went to India for a year to study different massage techniques – and oh, you'll notice! Especially the head massage is so tremendously good, I silently wish it never ended! My face feels relaxed, my skin looks peachy, any traces of stress have vanished and I've learned a lot about the effect of Aesop treatments and their active agents. So I continue to be a fan of their work, am a new fan of Sylke's and decide to come back soon for my next Australian beauty session.

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Aesop ABC Viertel – An Afternoon in Down Under
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