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Saturday, April 19 2014


Rentzelstraße 13
20146 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
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+49 172 4109794

We all go through these phases: stress, sickness and much too many carbs, little time for sleep or exercise, not enough vitamines. That is when I wish I could just push a reset button, give my body a break and make a fresh start. And I found a way to do it – with the help of a 3-Day-Detox-Treatment, no buttons pushed. Special concoctions of freshly juiced fruit and vegetables purge and detoxify your body. The result: you'll feel fitter, healthier and leaner.

Nicole Staabs founded Detox-Hamburg in 2010. Her clients can choose between Detox Juice, Detox Food or Detox Mix, each available for regimen of 3, 5, 10 or 14 days. All the juices and light meals are prepared fresh every day and can be picked up daily between 6-8 pm at Rentzelstrasse in Eimsbüttel.

I was able to pick up my entire juice supply at once, as they're bottled up individually and are not as perishable. I am familiar with fasting so staying without food is not new to me. But this treatment is far away from denying yourself anything: 3 different juices, 1 soup and a bottle of ginger water make up my daily diet. I am surprised about how delicious detox can be! I enjoy mango-lime-lassis, grape smoothies with pink grapefruit and pear, or the warm sweet potato soup with soy milk. And the best thing about it: all I need to do is a walk to the fridge.

Detox-Hamburg-gesund entgiften
Detox-Hamburg-Entgiften mit Saeften

After three days, I actually feel better. I lost a couple pounds, I feel fitter and, above all, I'm motivated again to keep up a healthier lifestyle and pay more attention to my body.

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Detox Hamburg – Bodily Time-Out
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