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Tuesday, June 27 2017

Opening Times

Tuesday till Friday 13.00-20.00
Saturday 10.00-20.00


Beyond Beer
Weidenallee 53–55
20357 Hamburg-Schanzenviertel
.How to get there


+49 40 444 654 24

At Beyond Beer, craft beer lovers and fans of good packaging design alike will get their money’s worth. Visitors are invited to explore the open, light shop with an exquisite selection of independent brews behind colourful, funny, cheeky, and highly creative labels.

But the contents are naturally just as important, and the service is as friendly as it is competent. I now know the difference between top- and bottom-fermented beers and what an Indian Pale Ale is, which I also got to taste.

It’s not only the beers themselves that are exceptional, but the stories and names behind them: from “Drunken Sailor” and “Detox” by Munich Crew Republic to “Beverly Pils”, “Neck Oil”, “Mr. Blonde”, and simply “Herbert.” Union from Kapstadt kicks off the weekend with an herby “Friday” and ends it with a mild “Sunday.”

Even Hamburg breweries Buddel Ship, Hopper Bräu, and Wildwuchs are represented with a large selection of ales, bock beers, and pils. I’m sure that even those for whom beer is simply beer will learn from the best in this inspiring store and won’t leave without a few real beer gems.

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