Maquis Haute Cuisine végétarienne

Tuesday, April 11 2023

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Thursday to Sunday from 5:30pm


Thedestraße 2
22767 Hamburg-Altona
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+49 (0)15151622777

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I have been waiting for a restaurant like Maquis for a long time! Instead of just a small column, which usually contains the obligatory salad with goat cheese, the entire menu at Maquis is vegetarian. And not only that: here they experiment and give the vegetables the starring role they deserve. An absolute must for all vegetarians, flexitarians and simply everyone who wants to eat delicious food!

The Maquis was opened by Johan Lindloff and Christian Piwitt. The two Hamburgers know each other from their school days. While Johan, known as Jonny, takes on the role of chef, Christian is responsible for the business side of things. Together they had the vision of opening a place that doesn't fit into the "classic" vegetarian image but is relaxed and offers high-class evening gastronomy.

In fact, the two hardly communicate that all the dishes on the menu are plant-based - those who don't know probably don't even notice. Jonny focuses on seasonal, regional ingredients for the weekly changing menu. He especially likes to cook good pasta like Maultaschen. He gets his inspiration from other cooks and then makes something of his own.

Maquis I Crepe
Maquis I Bergkäseknödel
Maquis I Gastraum
Maquis I Bar

The dining room of Maquis is minimalistically furnished. Dark wooden tables with simple candlesticks create a relaxed atmosphere. Behind the counter, glasses and bottles are illuminated and presented on a steel shelf. The small guest room is just as suitable for first dates as it is for fun evenings among friends.

We start the evening with a starter: Kohlrabi with coloured beetroot, lentils and chives. Our plate looks like a miniature work of art: The thin kohlrabi slices are stuffed and folded like Maultaschen and, accompanied by the beetroot, sit like a butterfly on the lentil salad. The colour highlight is the chive foam dabbed around it. In addition to the appearance, the taste is also convincing: acidic notes of the fermented kohlrabi meet a slight spiciness.

The main course is heartier: porcini cabbage wraps with seitlings meet napkin dumplings and pepper cream jus. This hearty course is not only perfect for the current cool temperatures but also wonderfully reminiscent of the last holiday in Austria.

Because there is always room for dessert, we are delighted to present a dessert premiere: apple with glace au foin, walnut and celery. For those who don't speak French: "Glace au foin" translates as "hay ice cream". And indeed, the milk ice cream with a delicate hint of cinnamon tastes like what a hayloft smells like. The ice cream ball is kept the company on the plate by a rose made of celery and apple.

What sounds crazy tastes terrific, and in fact, only the consistency of the thin celery and apple slices is a little different. An exciting dessert that crowns our evening at Maquis. The menu changes weekly, by the way, and a 3-course meal here costs 42 euros. So there is always something new to discover. So I'm really looking forward to my next visit!

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