Gute Stube Cordiality and honest food in Eilbek

Tuesday, August 09 2022

Opening Times

Tuesday to Friday: noon - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm


Gute Stube
Wandsbeker Chaussee 40
22089 Hamburg
.How to get there


+49 (0) 40 25332080

We are surprised: behind the rather inconspicuous façade on the busy Wandsbeker Chaussee, a "good room" actually awaits us. Old furniture, bric-a-brac and photos on the walls make the restaurant a place of welcome and well-being. Many regulars come here to enjoy simple, home-style food. Especially popular: homemade gnocchi, burgers and the "world's best schnitzel" - as we are assured.

Owner Seyhan Yesilmen, called Sina, spent her youth in a small town in Schleswig-Holstein. She learned to cook and love German cuisine from her German foster grandmother. In the Guten Stube, she wants to take the heaviness out of German classics with herbs and citrus fruits: German cuisine with a Mediterranean touch.

Sina opened the Gute Stube eight years ago with her best friend. "How can you open something in this street?" she recalls the first reactions. Decades ago, however, Wandsbeker Chaussee had once been as beautiful as Eppendorf. "I wanted to start again," Sina explains to us.

The then run-down shop developed step by step into the cosy restaurant it is today. The guests strongly influenced it, some of whom contributed furniture and pictures. On the wall, for example, hangs a wedding picture: the couple pictured was the first for whom the Gute Stube took over the wedding catering.


The terrace is particularly beautiful in summer - a Corona project that the whole team helped with. This is where we take our seats tonight and start with a delicious Gin Basil Smash. After this refreshment, we continue green: as a starter, we choose celery and sesame soup with fresh herbs.

For the main course, we move indoors, as a crisp Hamburg wind is blowing outside. Inside, we try the Sauvignon Blanc from Gerharz Weinerlebnis - a summery white wine with the scent of elderflower, green pepper and green apple. By the way, the vintner also offers wine tastings in the Guten Stube. The next one is in October 2022.

The wine goes perfectly with our main course: A goat cheeseburger with rhubarb compote and avocado served with sweet potato thalers, pesto and salad. Rhubarb and goat's cheese - a combination we didn't know before, but one that goes together perfectly. "Simple and surprising" is how chef Solveig Reitemeier describes her cooking style. There are no recipes in her kitchen. Instead, she says everything is "free will", crazy and unafraid.

Last but not least, our friendly waiter Hannes serves a raspberry panna cotta with cassis foam and fresh strawberries, a successful conclusion to this excellent summer menu. Before we leave, I ask Sina what she thinks makes the Gute Stube special. "It all happens out of honesty and love," Solveig exclaims from the kitchen. "That's right," says Sina. "That's exactly how it is."

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