Absolut Wellness Spa- A small oasis in the middle of a city jungle!

Friday, September 27 2013


Absolut Wellness Spa
Müggenkampstraße 77 c
20257 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
.How to get there


+49 40 180 59 455

Please never stop! This sentence goes flying through my head whenever I lie on the massage table of Marie-Cecilia Phelps. This table, I just mentioned, stands in the trendy suburb, Èimsbüttel-Hamburg.

2012, the beauty and wellness specialist founded Absolut Wellness Spa, since then she pampers her clients from head to toe. From a luxury pedicure with the MediHeel method (no more rough skin on the feet) , to eyelash extensions. Arnica massage to chinese cupping. Acupuncture to Hyaluron therapy.

Born in Göttingen, she offers an emense menu of therapies which she learned all over the world: Chinese medicine in Australia, Naturopathy in Hamburg, Massage and Cosmetics in South Africa and Asia which is the reason you don’t `just`receive a massage, she looks for causes. The whole body is individually analysed and answers are found for the problems.

In the summer months, a refreshing ice-tea should be enjoyed in the courtyard lounge! Marie-Cecilia Phelps is always making the effort to make you feel comfortable, the hot water bottle on the feet during a massage or the built in hand massage during the facial. I always feel 'absolutely' cared for and cannot wait for my next visit.


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Absolut Wellness Spa- A small oasis in the middle of a city jungle!
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