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mawiLove The Serum Company

Monday, September 14 2015

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Good facial care products are a extremely hard to find. You'll either have to spend a fortune or the list of ingredients is as long as that of a pharmaceutical's side effects. At the same time, your skin and your personal demands change – silicone, parabens or mineral oils are strictly off my list, for instance. Not to mention animal tested products. Which is why I was so happy to find Hamburg's own label mawiLove in Eppendorf's Beautery. mawiLove stands for 'made with love' and it says it all.

Beatrice Wenker, founder of mawiLove, started out as a professional dancer. After dancing for Lido in Paris, the half-American dancer decided to pursue formal training at a renowned cosmetics institute. She quickly noticed that beauty salons were not her environment of choice. She preferred experimenting to find out which active ingredients and combinations really work together to obtain visible results. Her self-made cosmetics resonated well within her circle of family and friends, so she promptly opened up her own store in 2012 and has been making her customers' skin glow ever since.

mawiLove Kosmetik Hamburg Serum 02
mawiLove Kosmetik Hamburg Pflegeserie
mawiLove Kosmetik Hamburg Creme
mawiLove Kosmetik Hamburg Augen Serum
mawiLove Kosmetik Hamburg Beatrice Wenker

In close collaboration with a renowned Bavarian cosmetics manufacturer, Wenker developed three sera, a cream and an eye-serum that are all based on most recent dermatological findings. The products are made without preservatives, synthetic ingredients or perfume, and are all based on a high dosis of the active ingredient bimolecular hyaluronic acid that instantly activates your skin cells, providing higher moisture and a fresh complexion. Serum 02 is my personal favorite as it protects your skin from free radicals, minimizes blemishes and works as a perfect after-sun soother.

Apart from the ingredients, the effectiveness and the skin tolerance, mawiLove even more so provides an honest and easy way to care for your skin. The eye gel consists of just three ingredients, much along the lines of „less is more“. That way, Anti Aging turns into „Happy Aging“ - even if only because of the beautifully designed opaline glass jars in my bathroom.

mawiLove – The Serum Company
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