Alexander Koch Hairdresser When haircutting becomes self-care

Tuesday, October 24 2023

Opening Times

Tuesday to Thursday 9-19
Friday 9-18


Alexander Koch Friseur
Martinistraße 28
20251 Hamburg-Eppendorf
.How to get there


+49 40 278 844 99

It doesn't even take a moment to feel at home here. You feel like you have arrived in Alexander Koch's hairdressing salon. The warm wooden floor, charming décor, and cosy leather - everything radiates warmth, especially, of course, the smile with which Alexander welcomes you.

So you take a seat on one of the tasteful leather chairs in front of a round mirror - flanked by two minimalist bar lamps that provide warm light - leaf through Vogue if necessary, drink a delicious cup of coffee. Arrive and feel good.

Alexander Koch takes care of the rest: he takes a lot of time for the consultation, is as friendly and competent as he is honest, and creates a pleasant atmosphere. A relaxing scalp massage and the sustainable care of the Italian, family-run brand Davines from Parma help. And, of course, the prospect of a wonderful new cut and some fresh colour on the head.

In 20 years as a hairdresser in various salons in Hamburg, Alexander was able to perfect his craft. From the beginning, he has been particularly enthusiastic about hair colouring, and in the meantime, he can call himself a real highlights specialist. Foil highlights, in particular, suit him. "What I particularly like about my work is that you can often change people so fundamentally visually and make them happy with the most minimal changes. At the same time, you become a loyal companion over the years. I value that trust very much."

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In his salon, which opened in 2022, Alexander strives for the most ecological alternative in all areas, cherishing high sustainability standards for himself. And, of course, in terms of aesthetics. You can see that in his shop and his customers' heads, who leave the charming little barbershop in Eppendorf with a big smile. A new haircut is more than just cosmetics. It is also a wellness moment for oneself.

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