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Wednesday, February 05 2014

Opening Times

Sunday to Thursday: 11.30 am - 9.00
Friday & Saturday: 11.30 am - 10.00 pm


Gammel Kongevej 122
Frederiksberg C
1850 Copenhagen-Frederiksberg
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+45 35 35 61 21

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Wokshop in Inner City:
Ny Adelgade 6
1104 København K

I’m a very big fan of asian food from my years living i Australia. In Sydney  there’s a big majority of immigrants from Asia and that is greatly reflected in the many different restaurants around Sydney. This was really an eye opener for me and I still have a great love for Asian food – especially the Thai kitchen with all the different curries, noodle dishes and seafood.

My all time favorite dish is the ‘Thai Beef Salad’. The salad can be found on the menu at Wokshop -  a small chain of three Thai cuisine restaurants in Copenhagen since 2000. The ‘Thai Beef Salad’ is based on beef cooked on lava rocks flavored with fresh leafs from mint, coriander, chili and fresh lime juice. You feel like all your senses are awakened while enjoying the salad. If you are bit of a health freak like me you can get any dish on the menu with red rice instead of traditional white rice. 

I really like the concept that you just walk in at any of the three restaurants. You do not have to book a table in advance that is how it works at Wokshop. The restaurant at Frederiksberg is packed on a Friday night, but while you wait you can enjoy a drink or a Thai beer before a table is ready for you. The food is great if you want healthy and tasty takeaway, but I will warn you … the food is addictive and with the very fair prices you can treat yourself with a few different dishes or bring home a nice meal to enjoy at home. 

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