Rebel Unconventional, sassy and kind

Sunday, August 16 2015

Opening Times

Thursday - Friday 12.00 - 2.30 p.m.

Tuesday - Thursday 5.30 pm - 9.00 pm
Friday - Saturday 5.30 pm - 9.30 pm

The restaurant closes NO LATER than Lunch 3.30 pm and Evening 12.00 am


Restaurant Rebel
Store Kongensgade 52
1264 Copenhagen-Inner City
.How to get there


+45 33 3232 09

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If you believe that you can get a table in one of Copenhagen's exceptionally hip restaurants without a reservation, it is likely you will get footsore just like we did. And just when we had almost stopped believing, an obviously satisfied couple got up to leave. While our table was being set, we were served chilled beer outside on the terrace.

Our attentive waitress Karina, who does not forget about us sitting outside even for a second, lets the anticipation for the night rise. We roam the menu while we wait and get excited about what is expecting us shortly. Finally, Karina lets us in and we follow gladly. The concept is very clear: dishes are served in small portions and can be combined with different sides. What a great way to try out more things! It almost feels like Danish haute cuisine tapas. Naturally, things like lobster and caviar were at the top of the list.

Everyone involved comes from just that kind of background, managers as well as service staff know the finer restaurants of the city and have found their way to go a little rebellious at Rebel. In a very pleasant way, we like to think. No fixed multi-course dinners, no stiff suits, no tediously grand gestures. Everything seems very unconventional, casual and easy, yet highly practised and professional. We immediately feel like we're in good hands.

Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Dessert mit Früchten
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Innenraum
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Bar
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Tisch
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Dessert mit Schokolade
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Interieur
Rebel Restaurant Kopenhagen Außenansicht

Looking into the open kitchen will definitely whet your appetite for the delicacies that are prepared on site and on their way to the tables. Each recommendation we get hits the spot. The food is sophisticated, the combinations are unique and the entire evening is one long moment of pure bliss. We finish the night oozing happiness, incredulous of the fact that we were able to even get a table. It almost felt like being at friends' for dinner. Except those friends are haute cuisine chefs and really know their wines.

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Rebel – Unconventional, sassy and kind
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