Palæo Primal Gastronomy at Torvehallerne

Monday, March 10 2014

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Monday-Friday: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm
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Rømersgade 18
1362 Copenhagen-Inner City
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This Saturday I decided to go visit 'Torvehallerne' in the center of Copenhagen. Torvehallerne is great indoor marketplaces build on the grounds where the old outdoor market used to be back in 1889-1958. Inside the two beautiful modern glass buildings you will find a full variety of fresh vegetables, meat cuts, flowers  - basically all kinds of fresh produce.

You will also find an impressive variety of small cafes and restaurant’s with the best and freshest quality of take-away you have ever tasted in your life. As I was wandering around along the many indulging offers of fresh food I found myself in front of 'Palæo' – primal gastronomy or the Stone Age diet is probably more familiar to most people. Palæo was the first restaurant in Denmark to serve paleo meals and it’s more popular than ever to enjoy a guilt-free take-away meal with limited carbs, no sugar and loads of vegetables and protein. 

Each of the food stands in Torvehallerne has limited seating possibilities but you can bring the food outside and enjoy it at the tables outside or you can grab one of the few seating’s in front of the food stands. 


Looking at the menu at Palæo I was overwhelmed with the variety of choices. The Palæo restaurant is well known for their take on a traditional hot dog – but the Palæo version is made with no carbs on an eggroll instead of the white fluffy bread. Everything at Palæo looks to good and well prepared with loads of fresh vegetables. I ordered a traditional chicken in yellow curry and my companion for the day ordered a Bolo (homemade meat sauce with vegetable 'pasta' and parsley pesto). We enjoyed the meal with two freshly squeezed juices from the menu: a blueberry and a beetroot juice. After the wonderful hot meal we enjoyed a coffee and a blueberry muffin. What a perfect ending to finalize a healthy and tasty meal. 

I will strongly recommend you visit Torvehallerne because it’s a great way to enjoy a quick meal on the go. During the weekend the place is packed and quite hectic and it’s definitely not the best place to bring small kids. Monday through Friday is more quiet and you can get a seating easily. In spring and summertime there is plenty of seats outside and it’s a great idea to grab some food and bring outside to the outdoor area.

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