Groed World’s first Porridge Restaurant at Nørrebro

Tuesday, July 01 2014

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 7.30 am - 9.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00 am - 9.00 pm


Jægersborggade 50
2200 Copenhagen-Nørrebro
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+45 505 855 79

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Think porridge – you may think kids… But let me introduce you to the world’s first and finest restaurant at Nørrebro in Copenhagen only serving porridge and risotto. During the hot season you will also find stewed fruit on the menu.

Last year during my maternity leave with my youngest - I suddenly realized that porridge is not just for kid does and babies. My dear friend invited me for a meal at Groed and it rocked my world. After visiting Groed and enjoying a wonderful healthy meal I started to cook a variety of porridges for lunch at home every day – not for my kid but for myself! 

Back in the days, porridge was only eaten by the poor people on the countryside but today it has become super trendy to enjoy a porridge made of a variety of grains. All types of grains and a helpful cookbook can be bought at Groed if you like to try to cook porridge at home.

You can enjoy your porridge either outside or inside the tiny but super cozy restaurant. Groed was founded by Lasse back in 2011 and is still managed by him. When you enter the restaurant you can feel his passion for his baby (Groed) and as a bonus they also serve really nice coffee. People stop by Groed in the morning and during the day to enjoy a healthy meal. And the porridge keeps the hunger away for hours, that is a win-win situation! 


You will find Groed at two locations in Copenhagen: at Torvehallerne or at Jægersborggade. I strongly recommend you go to the Nørrebro location and take your time to enjoy the street packed with small unique shops and take a seat outside and watch the locals as they stop by to grab a quick meal.

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Groed – World’s first Porridge Restaurant at Nørrebro
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