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Zeitwunder Treatments That Truly Get Under Your Skin


Opening Times

Monday till Saturday 10.00-18.00


Grolmanstr. 27/28
Am Savignyplatz
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
How to get there


+49 30 8871 8931

I cannot emphasize enough just how much I generally mistrust the beauty industry. But from time to time there’s a concept that’ll put all doubts aside and convince me. The last time that happened, I discovered ‘Environ Skin Care’, an African cosmetics line that beauty institute ‘Zeitwunder’ has been working with for 10 years.

With their active ingredients and visible results, Environ products are something between cosmetic and medical skin care. They’re rooted in cancer therapy and mainly function through skin normalizing Vitamin A, a natural skin densifier, hence perfect for wrinkle reduction. Most of the products, with a few exceptions, are completely free of perfumes, colorants and other preservatives.

Let’s return to the beginning for a moment. Any treatment at ‘Zeitwunder’, German for ‘marvel of the time’, starts with a precise skin analysis and an extensive introduction. Environ offers a multitude of products that allow customization of individual skin care programs in the store as well as at home. In order to keep the customer focussed, jars, vials and tubes are hidden in drawers and extendable shelf units - almost like a pharmacy. They only get out whatever’s being used. Brilliant idea!


On a side note - the interior design alone is worth a visit: a highly contrasted juxtaposition of materials, colors, shapes and light effects. They had me at hello!

I laid on a heated massage table in the beautiful treatment room next door. My skin was washed, peeled and cleansed meticulously, and so tenderly that I barely even noticed it happening. My own Vitamin A compound was then rubbed into my skin with a special device, and managed to actually put me to sleep.

Finally, an algae powder cooling mask was applied onto my face. What initially felt like cake batter finally dried up and was pulled off of my face in one piece. My skin felt fresh and firm. A perfect finale! And the best thing about it: the results were still visible days later.

But before I could leave I had to try out the beauty products by Jane Iredale. The line of high-quality mineral make-up with celebrity backers such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna and Meg Ryan, had got me curious. Every product is based on a formula that combines natural minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. And I have to admit, I was very fond of the results myself. But I’ll save that story for another time. Too much to tell…

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Zeitwunder – Treatments That Truly Get Under Your Skin
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