Weinbar Rutz The Restaurant's Rustic Sister

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Opening Times

Thursday till Saturday 16.00


Rutz Weinbar
Chausseestraße 8
10115 Berlin-Mitte
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+49 30 2462 8760

After having experienced the outstanding cuisine at Rutz Restaurant, I was curious to try their wine bar located on the ground floor just below. And that's what lead to my second visit to the sacred halls of Marco Müller where I was welcomed by a pleasant breeze from the AC while summer was giving its all on Chausseestraße.

Rutz Restaurant's little sister has dedicated its purpose to saving German cuisine and does so visible in their menu, which comes across a bit more grounded and rustic than Rutz'. With Greenall's London Dry Gin, a Gin unknown to me up until then, and Soda and a glass of prime Cava we commenced the evening in a manner no less spectacular than the star kitchen above us.

Salted butter and some delectable lard were served with locally baked sourdough bread and baguette and a few smaller slices of gluten-free bread. We took the time to dive into the menu: "Bread with Palatinate Hambel-Liverwurst", "Fried Berlin Black Pudding on Mashed Potatoes with Leeks and fresh local Produce", "Beuthe's Woolly Pig's Knuckle with Potatoes, Sauerkraut and Carrots"…


We decided upon the Trout with Kohlrabi and Bean Stock, and the Salmon Trout with Vegetables, Potatoes and Herbal Jus. My friend had a glass of mouthwatering Riesling, and we let the pleasure begin… Marco Müller's kitchen also does it for the wine bar. How exciting! The personnel is very concerned, asks and lifts the mood of the evening in the most pleasant way possible. It seems like you could grasp the joy of the staff, and the reason why they work here.

The following entrées were a "Balontine of the Müritz Poulard with Rosemary on Chanterelles" and the "200g Dry Aged US Prime Beef with Beans, a Purée of Rosemary and Sauce Choron". The meat, dried on location for six to eight weeks, is the best beef cut I have ever had. We rolled our eyes in delight, silently hummed placid tones of joy and continued the delectation. We even started to plan who we're taking with us next time we're going, preferably sooner than later, and then went back to daydreaming.

The evening culminated in a "Robinia Granite with Aloe Vera and Balsam Ice Cream" and a small Cheesecake that contained no sugar or dairy. Truly superb! The fresh and crisp little cherries that came alongside reminded me of the ones my granddad used to store in huge Mason jars in his basement.

German cuisine can be so overwhelmingly good. We will definitely come back, again and again and again!

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Weinbar Rutz – The Restaurant’s Rustic Sister
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