Warendorf A Kitchen Blockbuster

Tuesday, January 21 2014

Opening Times

Monday till Friday: 10.00 am -67.00 pm
Saturday: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm


Kurfürstendamm 62
10707 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 30 8871 359 0

Not a week has passed since I walked across Olivaer Platz, for the first time in a long time. I was in a hurry, it was raining too. But wait - what was that? Behind one of Kurfürstendamm’s biggest glas displays I saw new exciting things happening. The shoe store that had been there long before was gone, and in has come a brand to present impressively beautiful kitchen designs. Some of those patterns and styles were so intriguing that I couldn’t resist taking a quick look around this newly opened store.

It was a so-called soft opening and the actual store had not even opened its doors yet, I was told. It didn’t look like it - everything was perfectly set and on point - but I decided to come back with more time and leisure. And since the name of the store, Warendorf, did not ring any bells, I did my homework and researched online.

The town of Warendorf has been home to one high-end kitchen manufacturer since 1973 - better known as “Miele - The Kitchen”. 2010 became the year of the brand’s restructuring and reincarnation as Warendorf. With four decades of experience and the highest possible standards the company was submitted to intense rejuvenation and has been turned into serious competition for luxury kitchen designers at Boffi or Bulthaup.


People who like to cook are the focus of this brand’s redesign. “Everyone is different. Everyone wants to stand out and be distinct. That is why every Warendorf kitchen is different than the next one and designed and configured according to the customer’s desires and demands”, CEO Michael Ray Albrecht told me when I met him in Berlin’s new shop yesterday. On a side note: he was responsible for several Louis Vuitton stores before he came to Warendorf.

Questions like “What design reflects your personality?” or “Where do your ideals meet your spacial conditions?” set the beginning. “This way, we select, out of almost infinite ideas, the ones that best fit what you want - organisation of countertops, storage and appliance space, as well as paneling, surfaces and lighting. And all that while maintaining a balanced integration between inside and outside”.

I got to look into the several styles and directions while taking a long walk through the shop. Not all kitchen designs are necessarily to my liking but each single one is visibly worked and thought through to perfection. And that is the very idea.

Apart from the high quality materials that are used, I love the practical details that make working in the kitchen so much easier. I love my things in order. And so it didn’t take very long for me to discover the one kitchen that I practically want to beam into my own home. And all these beautiful accessories, like the matte polished giant vases… this store is a true showpiece! And that is also why Warendorf is the official sponsor of this year’s Culinary Cinema during the Berlin Film Festival.

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