Tawl The art of tableware

Monday, September 11 2023

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Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm


Giesebrechtstraße 10
10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg
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+49 1520 268 85 04

Powder pink bowls, gold-embellished soup plates, Japanese tea service, cut glass vessels - in Wiebke Lehmann's new showroom Tawl, everything revolves around the theme of hospitality. True to the motto "Love to be a host", the talented ceramist and graduate ceramic designer celebrates the art of dining with selected tableware made of porcelain, ceramic and glass.

It is a skill to set a table so that it becomes a table. In France, the art of stylish table setting is an established term as "l'art de la table". It sums up what we often only perceive indirectly when we eat: Eating is never just food intake but a sensual act in which the surroundings influence our sensations.

Does the food taste good? Is it a treat? That depends largely on the stage on which it takes place. Only high-quality crockery, cutlery, glasses and table linen, which unite with the culinary art, make a good meal a total experience that delights the palate, eyes and hands.

Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-17
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-10
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-02
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-08
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-07
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-13
Tawl by Wiebke Lehmann Berlin-11

Wiebke Lehmann knows about the craftsmanship that goes into the manufactory of porcelain. She knows how a plate and a bowl have to be made to support the pleasure visually and haptically and to make it hauntingly beautiful.

In her first own showroom in Berlin, she now shows the world of tableware in all its diversity of form and craftsmanship in floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Here, you can discover finely crafted plates, bowls, cups and mugs from manufacturers such as JLCoquet from Limoges, Reichenbach and Porzellan-ManufakturMeissen as well as pieces from smaller manufactories such as Studio Mattes or Sarah Linda.

"People should feel at home here," Wiebke Lehmann emphasises charmingly. To this end, she has completely transformed the atmospheric rooms over the past few months with custom-made built-in cabinets and a matte colour palette. Her so-called dining room houses Tawl's treasures. It forms a perfect harmony in its restrained choice of colours and shapes.

The oval presentation table with changing thematic decorations is joined by chairs from the Danish label &tradition in various colours. The ensemble is framed by custom-made joiner's cabinets, with the open shelf designed as a plate library for browsing.

Now it's just a matter of choosing, combining and dining. Bon appetit!

Info: Until Christmas, the Berlin artist Olaf Hajek, who has designed vases for Meissen, will be presented as a special guest.

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Tawl – The art of tableware
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