Sushi Gang Sumptuous sushi creations in Gräfekiez

Wednesday, November 03 2021

Opening Times

Daily: 4:00pm - 10:30pm


Sushi Gang
Graefestraße 8
10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
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+49151 26 188 216

Lush, colorful, extraordinary. This is how the Sushi Gang presents itself at the entrance with a lush (artificial) flower arch. Everything here is a little different from what you would expect from a sushi store. On the menu, for example, you'll find truffles, aioli and sweet potato. 

Sushi Gang would like to bring a breath of fresh air to the capital and combine their desire for high quality with aesthetic demands, which do not at all coincide with a Japanese reduced atmosphere. On their travels around the globe, Salar and Yousef were inspired to create their restaurant concept.

In the heart of Kreuzberg, the international team now serves badass sushi plates on colorfully patterned cake plates with a certain amount of bro attitude, and the steaming miso soup is poured directly from an equally colorful pot at the table. It's accompanied by homemade sauces, all vegan, to dip your sushi in. Because what's better than delicious food? Delicious food with delicious sauce.

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At Sushi Gang you can say goodbye to the classic rolls anyway, instead things are very hip here. Is that a bit arrogant, if necessary, you may ask. After all, the Japanese classic is a veritable art form when done correctly and expertly. On the other hand, how much of it is still in Fried Rolls at the Vietnamese around the corner. 

Modern, a little crazy and "sexy" is the way things are done in the small Kreuzberg store of the Sushi Gang. Petrol-colored tiles, brightly colored cushions, plates and interiors show a lot of love for detail, the team is very attentive and friendly, and soul music is playing. Our guess is RZA's Shaolin Soul Selection - it would fit in its eclecticism.

The creative sushi gang creations of rice, sometimes with raw, sometimes briefly flamed fish other fine ingredients hear on names like The Real Eel, Tuna Turner, Good Zilla or Ur in big Truffle. We especially like the creation Sake 69 made of short flamed Scottish salmon.

Not only of the sushi creations with fish and meat is one prettier to look at than the other. The vegan sushi rolls One Night in Osaka with grilled sweet potato, avocado, cucumber, as well as homemade aioli and sweet soy sauce are also convincing in terms of taste and texture. 

The exceptional fish quality and flavor win us over - in particular, Shrimp Gang - deep-fried large shrimp with vegan chili mayo, toasted cashews on a bed of fresh cucumber - is our absolute favorite. Lush, a little different and - after all, that's the most important thing about food - delicious.

Sushi Gang – Sumptuous sushi creations in Gräfekiez
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