Schloss Kaarz Deceleration in castle and park

Wednesday, June 21 2023


Schloss Kaarz
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There is always something very romantic about walking through the gates of one of the countless German castles and enjoying its magnificent grounds. There are indeed many castles, especially in the regions of Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Still, it is hard to experience the splendour of castle life anywhere else as enchantingly as at Hotel Schloss Kaarz.

A little more than thirty kilometres from Schwerin lies the extensive, well-kept park in which the neoclassical mansion, built by a wealthy merchant in the 1970s, is located. The two-storey building was extensively renovated in the 90s and converted into a castle hotel.

The Hotel Schloss Kaarz has continued to develop and today pampers its guests with a holistic concept that focuses on closeness to nature and ecological responsibility. This already begins in the park, which alone is worth a visit.

Leaving the castle to the west, the path first leads to the kitchen garden, where herbs and vegetables grow for the kitchen of the castle restaurant. A turn to the north leads to the sprawling orchard, under whose apple and pear trees one can take a picturesque stroll, accompanied by the buzzing of the castle's own bee colonies.

Schloss Kaarz
Schloss Kaarz I Rezeption
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Schloss Kaarz I Roter Salon
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Schloss Kaarz I Gemüsegarten
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The tour continues to the old park, laid out as early as 1873, with breathtaking redwoods and Douglas firs. It continues past the Jersey cattle and sheep, the park pond, and the linden avenue back to the castle. Those who like to do outdoor sports during their stay will find what they are looking for in the exercise garden with eight outdoor fitness stations.

But first, we go inside the castle. The 21 charming rooms are individually themed, from the lord of the castle to the forester to the milkmaid, from the suite to the flats to the comfort rooms.

Kaarz Castle would not be such a castle if the divided rooms were not equally sumptuous yet cosy. The library offers relaxation for those hungry for reading. The red and blue halls are where people meet for meals, which can also be held on the terrace in fine weather.

The gastronomic offer of the restaurant and café promises regional and seasonal cuisine made from high-quality ingredients often grown on the premises. As a particular highlight, guests have the option of booking a barbecue in the castle garden. And those arriving with the family will find a sharing dinner for young and old at the "Family Dinner à la Kaarz".

Depending on the season, there are various offers for activities, such as bicycle rental, canoe tours, picnics or campfires. And for complete relaxation, there is a sauna in the shepherd's caravan at the edge of the orchard, which offers privacy and nature enjoyment at the same time with its mirrored windows.

Kaarz Castle is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful converted castles we have had the pleasure of visiting and is well worth a trip, whether for relaxation, complete, active enjoyment of nature or extensive golfing.

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Schloss Kaarz – Deceleration in castle and park
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